Thursday, June 28, 2012

Moving to Bolleywood.

Oh I loathe thee.

In my experience, moving isn't an event.  It's a temporary lifestyle one takes upon herself.  For me, the new lifestyle change is always quick to happen and always SLOW to leave.

It reminds me of the end of many a semester at BYU.  I seemed to move to a new apartment almost every semester at BYU, and combining finals week AND cleaning checks AND moving is a death sentence.  I always found myself wandering around unwashed and sleep deprived, eating meals that consisted of 6 slices of cheese or a handful of pretzels.

Moving to Tampa proved to be no different.  I had to finish major projects for work, take care of a baby, find an apartment long distance (not recommended), deal with utility companies, etc., all the while trying to fuss over Daniel's birthday, graduation, June's baby blessing, Daniel's first Father's day, etc.  Needless to say, not much fussing happened.  I am lucky to be married to a man I call Happy the Clam, who considers simple things like a red box movie and/or takeout Thai food a BIG deal.

Needless to say, I DESPISE moving.  I don't mind change, I just mind work. 

These pictures still make me shudder:

And yes, I realize that second picture does not so much portray moving as much as it shows how messy I let things get WHILE moving.  Equally disturbing.

Some of us helped more than others:

 I kid, I kid.  Actually, Daniel pretty much orchestrated this move by himself.  I was gone a lot during the day, and he packed up our entire apartment and took care of June a lot so I could work.  He is a champ.

The packing was small potatoes compared to the drive ahead of him.  We were very fortunate to have my father-in-law, Mike, help out with the forty (40! just in case you didn't catch it the first time) hour drive.  They broke it up into 3.5 days.  I stayed with my mother-in-law, Kristi, and we were able to watch lots of old Dr. Quinn episodes.  I loved it!  I had a baby just in time, I tell you!  I got to fly instead of make the drive.  Thanks to both Mike and Kristi.  They really helped us out a ton.

Leaving from Las Vegas for Tampa:
                                          With the truck.  Clearly.

                                         Bad to the bone.

Daniel took some cool pictures of the drive I will share another time.

Now we are in a larger apartment in Tampa.  We are so grateful to have more room.  3 people in 500 square feet was a bit crowded. 

Just some tidbits about where we live:

1.  The Lutz/Land O' Lakes area is known as the nudist capital of the world.  This will make for easy packing for all of our guests!  Another reason to come visit!

2.  It rained nonstop the first three days I was here.  As you know, there is a tropical storm out here.  Crazy!

3.  We have taken on a new identity in our new town.  Kind of like the Witness Protection Program. 
As shown on our most recent bill:

Lastly, some cute June shots:

                                          With Uncle Markie and Cousin Carson!

                                          Wearing her favorite shirt--thanks Linz!

The End.


  1. Love this! BOLLEY?! "You live in Billy?" "Bali. Billy Bali. It's a suburb of Bali Proper." Oh that is awesome. That whale onesie killed me. Neon pink and green? Can't handle it. Adorable. Well I miss you already. I feel the distance! You are so funny and I am SO excited about the blog!

  2. I am LOVING this!!!! I miss you guys like crazy! So glad you are all moved in!

  3. i took one look at the daniel on the piano picture and i thought, daniel really is perfect for you.