Sunday, July 15, 2012

I know many of you have been nervous about the fact that I have not updated in awhile, especially following that last dramatic post about my incredibly difficult life.  Not to fear, I have not been eaten by the Anxiety Dragon.  I am just . . . boring.

Before I had a blog, I always thought of fun, witty things I could blog about if I had one.  Now I have one, and I feel like I am the most mundane person on the planet.  I feel like I could write a post of what I do every single day, post it, and then just change the date every week and re-post it.

I do love my boring life.  I'm grateful for some boredom because it means life has slowed down for me a bit.  Sharing a car with Daniel has caused me to say no to a lot of things, and I think that's been good for me.

Anyway, I managed to muster about some important events to write about.  (Now that I've gotten you excited . . . ha.)

First of all, June can lift her head.  (That's right--a "milestones" post.  That's where we are, folks.  Thrilling for all of you.)  But first, a thought about milestones.  I really don't like reading about milestones.  Experts say that we mothers should be aware of them to make sure our babies are progressing, but I would guess that the truth behind milestones is that they were made up by some super competitive mother somewhere to give the rest of us something to worry about.  Or maybe just some person who had never been around a baby before but who stayed up late one March 31st to play an April Fools joke on mothers everywhere and wrote a memo about ridiculous things babies should be doing by certain ages to give us all something else to have heartburn about.  I refuse to play into this trap!  I remember reading that by something like 6 weeks, June should be mimicking all of my faces.  BabyCenter said something like "Stick out your tongue, and your baby will do the same toward you.  Smile, and she will smile.  Quote Tennyson, and she will match you with some Wordsworth.  Give your child her first household chore."

I decided to try out this baby face matching idea with June.  I stuck my tongue at her.  She just looked insulted.

So, even though I try not to take milestones too too seriously, it has been neat to see some things happen that "they" said would.

Like lifting her head.

I make this same face when I exercise.

In other news, we are still moving into our apartment and getting projects done.  Nothing to bring a family together quite like a nice home improvement project, I always say.  We even had fancy equipment to use this time.  About a year ago, I attended an auction at church for our local scouting troop.  There were lots of great things to bid on, but being the bleeding heart I am, I couldn't help but just bid on things no one else wanted.  By the end of the night, I had succeeded in obtaining some precious gems, such as a cage for a pet we still have yet to own, a crazy looking doll that I gave to someone else before the night was over, and a laser level to use when hanging pictures and such.  Well we can now say that money spent that night was not in vain.  Not only did we send some grateful kid to scout camp, but we also had a LASER to help us hang out pictures in this new apartment of ours!

Hot dog.  Daniel is so nice.  I just directed where I wanted things, and he did it.  Though I did sometimes change my mind after the fact, which left me greeted with these faces.

And lastly, some more pictures of June.  She's just too cute not to.

Loving the bumbo chair.  

Following an at-length discussion we had one morning concerning the tax code.  Have you hit that milestone yet?

Definitely right-brained.


  1. you bought a dog cage at a ward auction? have you tried to see if either of you fit in it?
    cute baby. hurray on milestones.

  2. The pet cage is def my fave. That is hysterical. Also June's face! Priceless! I know that I personally was blogging by June's age, so that might be the next milestone. She could call it "Oh it's a Jolley holiday with June dear." I am brill.

  3. Don't be worried about the face copying thing b/c when I saw the second to last picture my first thought was "That's totally Heather!"
    Good job making a cute baby. Go find a stray cat to put in your cage. We had one for a few days...until it died in our back yard and we had to dispose of the body. =)