Sunday, July 22, 2012

We Bought A ZOOOOOO!!!

When we announced our move to Florida, people had mostly the same reaction.

"The humidity down there!"

"The bugs!"

So we came mentally prepared and have not really been surprised by either.  I would actually considerable the humidity a welcome change.  It rains everyday, which gives a reprieve from the worst of it.  And there are bugs, but our complex is sprayed for bugs frequently, and it seems to take care of most of the problem.

But I was not ready for the animals.

We live on a nature preserve, and there are animals everywhere.  If you recall anything about me, I am perhaps the least knowledgeable person about camping, humans under the age of 8, and animals, so I am consider my interaction with these animals my fair turn for the next 25 years.

A pic of our surroundings:

Here are some of the animals we have found around our place:

These little guys are everywhere.  They often crawl across my kitchen window as I do the dishes.  Nothing startling about that.

There are tons of pretty birds here.  This is in our backyard.

This poor guy was on our way to church this week.  I will spare you the pic with the vultures . . .

That huge rat behind our car is a possum.  Daniel called for me to come look, but I couldn't.  Though I am not an animal person, a lot of animals don't bother me.  But possums do.  Daniel said its tail was so huge that it would flap really hard against the concrete with every step.

Yep.  Armadillo.  Right outside our front door.  I thought they were desert animals?  See how much I know?  Maybe I am just thinking "Amarillo", but is that even a desert?  The world holds such mysteries for me.

This was . . . nowhere.  Great dog costume though, right?  This picture is just to represent the alligators all around.  Our bishop told us that when it is mating season (for the alligators), I cannot run along any water's edge because they will KILL ME.  Luckily I have a black belt in alligator combat.  I will just have to make sure I wear it while running.

This guy lives nearby.  Who wants to visit?

The rarest and finest of creatures . .  trying to figure out how to work my camera.

And lastly . . . our Junebug. 


  1. hahahahahahhahahahaha
    i really like those pictures of you. i have many similar ones. i'm afraid that if i ever go missing thomas will give one of those terrible ones to the police. but let's be honest. i look terrible more often than i look good and people already have trouble recognizing me without makeup so a really good picture would not help in a search for me.

  2. If that dragon creature walked across my windowsill, I would scream. I remember reading the brochure on Tampa and being surprised you'd have armadillos. Sounds like a party! You could go on Animal Planet or something!