Monday, August 20, 2012

We Went Swummin'

A couple of weeks ago, we went to the beach.  There is a great one only about 30 minutes away.  We made a game plan to go to the library to return some books, hit up Chez Walton for a snack or two, and be on our merry way before the rush.

However, being the only people left in the Western Hemisphere without a Netflix account, we were sucked into the library for awhile.  They have movies . . . for free!  More than that, they have old seasons of Family Ties on DVD!  And Dr. Quinn!  I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but I enjoy Dr. Quinn.  However, I enjoy the seasons most BEFORE Dr. Mike and Sully get married.  Because, after that, it's just gross.  Their wedding episode is SO gross and left me traumatized as a child.  Does anyone know the episode I am talking about?  I was going to post it here, but I just watched the clip and it's too gross.  (Search "It's Getting Darker Dr. Quinn".  And btw, Dr. Mike, the 1997 Prom called me and wants its updo back.)

Anyway, so after Daniel and I searched the library up and down for new movies and books, read magazines we usually only get to catch up on at the doctor's office, and commiserated with each other on missing the summer reading program, we finally made it out the door and off to Walmart for just one quick item--treats.

Once we got to Walmart, we somehow picked up beach chairs, a beach umbrella, new sunglasses, and yes, some treats (although it wouldn't be the first time I have entered Walmart with a specific task at hand and have left with everything in the store except said needed item.).  My friends, I have Walmart-itis and Target-itis.  Why can I not just leave those stores with the items on my list?  At least this time, the items were things related to going to the beach.  Sometimes I enter Target needing a birthday card and eyeshadow, and I leave with a new desk organizer.  Pathetic.

Then, we finally made it to the beach.  It was so beautiful and so fun.  It was definitely different going with a baby and trying to keep her constantly shaded.  And, we were next to a group of teenagers that make you worry about the future of our nation.  (Luckily, I also know a ton of teens who make me feel really confident about the future of our nation.)   But besides these challenges, we had a great time and finally got a little sun.

Going to the beach (which is basically the closest I get to being in nature) always makes me ponder the deep mysteries in life.  Like, how in the world is everyone so tan and we are so not?  Or how did that woman in the yellow bikini get her legs to have so much definition?  She must not be following my strict diet of carbs and sugar.  Interesting. 

On the Junefront, our girl is rolling over--from front to back and back to front.  We just never get to see it happen.  We know it does happen, but she must be in stealth mode because she never lets us get much of a glimpse.  It's always the second I turn away from her that she manages to do it.  I spent the good part of an afternoon trying to catch her in the action and to get a video.  My afternoon went like this:

1.  Get out my camera.  June is in starting position:

Looking so chill, right?  Look at that arm position.  She is just chillaxin' and not planning on making a move anytime soon.  So, I go to get something I need in the kitchen (in the form of a cookie), come back, and:

Blast.  And that's seriously how it went the rest of the day. 




You get the idea.  But Heather, you may ask.  Why didn't you just stay put?  Eventually you would have watched her do it.  One simple answer.  Those cookies were really good.

And . . . I had a video but cannot figure out how to post it.  I know, I know, the 1997 Prom called back and wants its limited knowledge on technology back.  If anyone can help me, please send an email.


  1. Ha! I love this and I love you. 1st off - I am one of the biggest haters on Walmart ever, but I have the same issue and still go there for cheap items because, well, they're cheap. Oh shudder. 2nd - I checked those sets of photos of June three times as if they were on a page in a kids' magazine titled, "Spot 10 Differences." 3rd - I love the carbs/sugar diet. For dinner yesterday, since I haven't gone grocery shopping in weeks, I ate leftover candy. Yep. For dinner. Those cookies sound great. I feel ya.

  2. GAH-ross. i just watched that dr quinn clip. i was very uncomfortable. then i watched one where sully washed the good doctor's neck. i always thought sully was HOT and i could never understand why he wanted to get with dr. granny panties medicine woman. she looks good but she still looks like she could be his mother.
    i'm glad you went to the liberry. tell me when you actually read something in book form.

  3. I'm too afraid to watch that clip, lest I be traumatized, but here's a question: does June's onesie say something about her having gas on it?

  4. I have to say in the one of her laying on her back she looks like her daddy!!!

    Love you carrie!

  5. Totally remember the wedding episode! And Raymond and I are the same way w/ the library. Sometimes he won't even let me check out a redbox b/c he doesn't want to pay the $1.20 and tells me I have to wait until the library gets it. Those days are coming to a close as we are rapidly finishing all 25 VHS movies our library here has. Seriously, don't they know about DVDs? Tell me if you cure yourself of the Walmart problem. I wish I had a Target problem. That would first require a Target to be closer than an hour away. Sad day...