Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Republican Convention and Uncle Markie and Baths and Books and Junesie

Uncle Roger and Aunt Ana came to town for the Republican Convention a couple of weeks ago.  Ana is an elected delegate from Texas and invited me to be her guest for the day.  What a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!  That being said, as excited as I was to go, finding something to wear weighed heavily on my mind.  Isn't it funny how a HUGE important event like hearing the FUTURE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES speak is denied the proper brain time allotment when I have to think about what to wear?  It's not like I'm a fashionista like my sister, Heidi, but I hate not looking the part of whatever I'm supposed to be doing.  Plus, I'm a plan ahead sort of gal, and I like to know all of the details upfront.  I think that every event should come with an outline of what is appropriate dress.  But alas, I had no idea what to wear to this event.  I asked around and got several different answers; however, most were along the lines of "business casual."  Don't even get me started on the phrase "business casual".  It is much too vague.  Men hear the words "business casual" and they know exactly what to wear, but women?  Not quite.  As the great philosopher Dave Barry says, (and I am paraphrasing) "Men can wear the same clothes to work, play golf, attend a funeral, and graduate from college."  The ol' button up shirt with slacks.

Women do not have this luxury.  Women seem to have the requirement of never wearing the exact same thing twice, which takes a lot of work, and yet each newly created look should appear "effortless."  Like somehow a woman is supposed to look like, "oh this old thing?  I didn't even pick it out.  The chirping birds who wake me every morning brought it to me as we all sang about being excited for a new glorious day and opportunity to show the world some love" instead of "I woke up late because my baby was awake from 1 to 3 AM, I haven't washed my hair in four days, the gym is a word that carries a distant and fond memory somewhere in the back of my brain, and this outfit was the only thing that didn't carry a stench."

So I spent a great deal of time wondering what I would want to be wearing if the big television camera passed over my face, thereby getting discovered by an agent and starting my modeling career, ended up never deciding and then was terribly late the next day in an outfit that was all wrong and needed to be ironed.

But I digress.  Anyway, friends, it did not matter.  What a spectacular experience.  I enjoyed many of the speakers, but my favorites were the small business owners who talked about how a more conservative approach to government would be the boost their company needs to expand and grow.  Growing companies hire more people and grows our economy.  I loved hearing these men and women talk about their dreams and the hard work that went into them in order for their goals to be realized.  Inspired me to be a harder worker and bigger risk taker.

It was fun to travel around with the Texas delegates.  Texans know how to have a good time.  We wore big hats and big hair and talked big ideas.  We talked to one man for quite awhile who has been drug free for 26 years and now runs a halfway house to help other addicts get clean too.  We saw Dan Rather and Rick Santorum walked right by us.  I wittily pointed and said, "Rick...Santorum!"  I am sure he was impressed because he might not know his name.

The ride home was killer.  It took 4 hours to get home, and 3 AM is a time I probably haven't seen since Merilee Peterson's 7th grade birthday party.  I wasn't any fun then either.

Pics from the Convention:

Uncle Markie came to visit that same week.  He has been working his tail end off in Manhattan for the past year, and this was the first vacation he has had.  We went to the beach and a Rays game, and he got to see just how fun and limiting it is to have a baby everywhere you go.  We decided to get a babysitter in order to go to the beach, but had a tough time finding one since it was a last minute decision.  Finally, we heard back from a sweet girl in the ward who agreed to watch June, and Mark said, "This beach trip just got a whole lot better."  Haha.  I agree!  I love having June around, but there is nothing quite like trying to constantly shield a very fair baby from the son while feeding her a bottle covered with sand and changing a poopy swimmer diaper on your very own lap to make you realize that maybe everyone would have a better time if baby stayed home.  It was my first time getting a sitter and I was all crazy nervous, but we had a great time.  We all got too much sun and paid for it later, but it was fun anyhow.

 Look how dark Daniel has gotten!

The Rays game was really fun and we beat those darn Yankees, although there were so many Yankees fans there, it was hard to know who the home team was.

Thanks for coming Uncle Mark!

And now, a word about books.  I used to be the hugest reader of all time, but I have not read a book for pleasure in years.  My sister recommended a book, These Is My Words, and I just finished it and highly highly recommend it.  You will laugh and cry and want to be better friends with your husband.

And then the Junemeister.  Bath time has become a favorite time of day in our house.  June loves taking a bath!  She likes to swim around and remember womb time with Mommy.  These is for the grandmas!  (Change the last word and name the movie.)

P.S.  I have been thinking about 9/11 a lot today and can't believe I didn't include a thought in my post about it.  I am truly so grateful for all of those who worked so hard to help others that day and many, many days afterward.  I am grateful for our military that fights for our freedoms and for the freedoms of others.  My thoughts today are with the families who have lost someone either on that day or later because of what happened that day.