Monday, January 7, 2013

Finding My Niche

I go through a phase every few months where I research all different types of graduate programs and try to figure out what I want to do with my life.

I know I definitely want to be a mom (which is great because there has been a baby wandering around here lately), but I also recognize the need to have marketable skills.  Also, constantly learning is incredibly worthwhile.  I miss school a lot!  I always loved it.  Always is a stretch.  I hated biology and social dance.  What is the connection there?  Mating rituals?  Social dance was talked up so much at BYU as Da Best Class Evah.  And then I absolutely hated the whole experience. 

My problem is that I don't have my thing.  You know, that thing everyone else seems to have and that they obsess over and are passionate about.

I once went on a date with a guy who was over the moon about being a paramedic.  All of his stories had to do with calls he had taken that day or driving the ambulance through red lights.  He even had the paramedic symbol tattooed on his arm.  It's a good thing he was a paramedic.  That's really one of the only symbols that can be pulled off as a tattoo.  What if he had been an accountant?  Or a grocery store manager?  I can't imagine a calculator or check stand appearing quite as fierce.

I have often wondered since, if I were the tattooing type, which I'm not, what would I have tattooed on my arm?  What is my passion?

You might say music, and that is true.  I do love music.  And it is one of my talents.  But I most likely wouldn't get into a grad program for music.  And besides what would my fierce-looking tattoo be?  A  a snake-laden musical staff?  A piano engulfed in flames?

I have also considered linguistics.  Programs require intense study of a second language, which I have.  Besides, my second language is the ever-obscure Romanian, so no one would even know how unskilled I am at it.

So I am still trying to find my niche.  Maybe I should start with---how does one pronounce niche?  Is it "neesh" or "neetch" or "nitch"?

Thank you and good night.


  1. I laughed so much at this. I definitely have the same problems. Just read my blog and see how many times I thought I found my thing and then decided later it wasn't my "neesh". I think you would be a great stand-up comedian. Comedienne. Also, I am passionate about people-watching, as I believe you are. Can we make money eating at the mall and observing people? I would rock that biz.

  2. a piano engulfed in flames gets my vote. and so does high school counselor. you have a neeshey with helping troubled souls. why not get paid?

  3. Canadaians say "neesh" :) Have you thought of music composition? It would combine your love of music with creative expression. I have a friend I who first went to school for English but changed his mind to music compositon, and he loves it!!! You could write/compose/arrange music for church, for public use, or just edify your family in your own home :)