Tuesday, January 1, 2013


For me:
1.  Work out 5 times a week.
2.  Half Marathon.  This is the year!
3.  Scripture Study 30 minutes a day.
4.  Blog at least one time a month (trying to be super realistic).

For the Fam:
1.  FHE every week.
2.  Every night--one minute of as many crunches as we can do!  And one minute of as many push ups as we can do!
3.  Do some sort of race together.

The goals are simple this year.  My theme is "Back to the Basics."  As much as I wish I were doing bigger and better and more exciting things, I am working to improve my basic spiritual/physical/emotional health this year. 


  1. i think these are fantastic! i love the idea of back to basics. and i kind of love new year's resolution time. :)

  2. 30 minutes of scripture study??? what? the same chapter over and over?