Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Valentine's Spray!

For Valentine's, we had lunch at a local sushi place.  We love sushi!  Not real, authentic sushi, but instead Americanized, fatty pockets of cream cheese sushi.  It's the best.

June decided to accompany us on the date.  She was entranced by this aquarium:

She ate her puffs with chopsticks:

Daniel enjoyed the romantic meal by multi-tasking:

Afterward, we went to Crispers for their biscotti gelato, our favorite.  While standing in line and waiting to place our order, Daniel and June decided to ham it up for the rest of the restaurant patrons.  He had June on his shoulders, and they were dancing all around when June vomited all over his head.  She was shooting for distance, so it splashed all down the front of my blouse as well.  Our fellow patrons laughed hysterically, and we got quite a few claps too.  One guy called out, "Organic hair gel!"  HAPPY VALENTINE'S SPRAY!!!

Other pics:

I can never figure out why June sleeps like this:

On her knees?  Such a relaxing position.

Being silly:

And after church (which always means skipped nap--you can see it in her eyes.)

And I will soon be having a little plastic done:

More on that later.

It kinda reminds of the time that I had a cyst on my wrist in December.  Someone had told me that you could smash it with a book and it would go away.  I begged and begged Daniel, but he refused.  Finally, he decided he would do it in the middle of our skype session with his parents Christmas Day.  I'm not sure they appreciated the show.  But it did work!

Thoroughly grossed out yet?  Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. organic hair gel! hahahaha. that's hilarious. oh and hey -- my kids always go into that knees pose when they're cold. once i cover them up with a blanket and reposition them, they stay put. she might be too little to put a blanket in her crib just yet, but that could be a reason. can't wait to hear the story about the ear!

  2. I'm excited that one of us gets to have plastic surgery done. Can't wait to hear how it goes! Also, that cyst was huge! I love this post and your family. June's little tush sticking up in the crib is seriously adorable. Miss you!

  3. How did I NOT know you had a blog?!? I am sooooo happy you do! June is so cute- I love that she threw up all over your husband's head....hahaha so funny!

  4. First off, the picture with June on Daniel's shoulders at a glance looks like June has a huge was a very strange first perspective to that picture. Every time I comment, you make me prove I am not a robot. I am not a robot.