Thursday, February 28, 2013

I am the Best Bowler Ever.

We went bowling on President's Day.  We invited another couple to come with us and bring their kids.  Unfortunately, Josh had to work (though I think he was really just intimidated by my bowling reputation), but luckily Kristen still came and brought her two kids. 

Kristen is one of those people you only come across every once in a great while.  She is completely nice to everyone she meets, listens more than she talks, and gives everyone the benefit of the doubt.  I have never heard her complain or say anything negative.  She reminds me of myself.  Kidding.  She is my personality's opposite.  Someone I am well acquainted with (to whom I am also married) once held up both of his hands and said, "This hand is you.  This hand is Kristen."  Then he made the hands talk to each other.  The hands started out talking to each other in a normal fashion (as normal as hands that talk get), but the Heather hand gradually became louder and louder and bigger and bigger until it ate the Kristen hand.  Thank you, husband.  In other words, Kristen is nice to put up with me and my somewhat loud personality.  She is a gem and the type of friend everyone needs.

So . . . what was I saying?  Oh, bowling.  We went bowling, and I was amazing and won everything.

Actually, I'm a terrible bowler.  But I had a good time anyway.  We brought out the bowling ramp and bumpers for the kids when I was the only one who really needed it.

We all saw a few of these:

and, from time to time, felt like this:

but definitely had a great time.

 I had a few strikes, a few spares, and a bunch of gutter balls.  You would think that taking P.E. II in high school would have put me on the path of a champion bowler.  That's right, P.E. II had a bowling unit!  Every week during that unit, we boarded a bus and went to the local bowling alley and bowled a game.  What education!  Almost as good as the "Walking Unit" we had where we would walk half a mile to Sonic and get lunch.  Ikidyounot.

But I digress.

June observed while wearing a fleece hooded jacket because it got down to 58 that day and all of us Floridians were fearing hypothermia.

Yay Bowling!

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  1. Fun! What cute kids! I also am a terrible bowler, but I started rocking it with a heavier bowling ball. I could hardly pick it up, but it never went off course! I am horrible at mini golf, too.