Saturday, February 2, 2013

You are not my spokeswoman, Khloe Kardashian.

I recently watched part of a panel discussion produced by the Huff Post.  The topic of discussion was the new U by Kotex campaign (the tampon company), which encourages discussion between women about their bodies, as well as the importance of dispelling myths surrounding women's' bodies.  This is an idea I can get behind--I think knowledge is power, and girls (and boys) should ask questions and learn about all things, including their bodies.

The panelists included many female body experts and the spokeswoman for the U by Kotex campaign, Khloe Kardashian.  Though at first surprised by Kotex's choice for this campaign, I honestly approached the panel with an open mind, hoping to find one thing that both Ms. Kardashian and I support.

I was incredibly disappointed with the outcome of the panel, at least the part I saw.

Now, it is important to say that I did not watch the whole thing and thus do not know if Khloe was ever corrected by another panelist or if she ever recanted what she said.  I have searched for the video again, but could not find the whole thing.  I did find this article, which confirmed what I had seen.

Among other comments, Khloe said that women should be proud of their vaginas, not because being a women is awesome, but instead because "vaginas could get you a lot of places in life", "a good puss could control any man", and "it's the man's downfall" among other things.  (Excuse the language; it's a direct quote.)

Really?  This woman is the spokeswoman for a campaign meant to empower young girls? 

Khloe wasted this perfect opportunity to discuss an important subject by demeaning the sexuality of women, suggesting sex is a weapon to use against men to get what they want.   She also suggested that sex is what helps women progress in life.  She seems to think that women can't excel based on the work they do or their achievements.  She reinforced in my mind that there is something quite wrong with a world that concerns itself with the doings of people who make a living by producing dysfunction and false empowerment.

There is a plethora of other things wrong with what she said; feel free to list any you think of in the comments.

I hope to instill in my sons and daughters that their bodies are beautiful and that sex is a wonderful bond between husband and wife and definitely nothing to be ashamed of.  It should also never be used as a means of power over another person.

Kotex should kick Khloe Kardashian to the curb.


  1. Seriously well-said! Kick Khloe to the kurb, Kotex! You are totally right and I hate that any kardashian would be a spokesperson for anything except birth control to prevent the world from more of them. Thank you for writing this!

  2. i won't use kotex ever again if she's their spokesperson. her comments are vile and do absolutely nothing about dispelling myths about female bodies. have some decorum people!

  3. Lindsey stole my joke! I was going to say "Kick her to the KURB!"

    Anyway, I am so happy that you are blogging. I just read your entire blog between last night and today. That's valuable children-sleeping time so you now know how much I love you (and the lengths I go to avoiding chores). You made me laugh and you made me cry (June's Birth!!!), and I just adore you. My secret wish is that someday I can be your neighbor in real life. I'm so glad I got a second shot at being your friend (the mission) since the first chance (Christensen's lit class) I was so intimidated by you because you were all smart.

    You are awesome Heather! And the fact that you love AOGG makes you even better! I must admit I've never seen Dr Quinn, but maybe I should look into it...

  4. kick her to the curb indeed! it blows my mind that the kardashians are "celebrities."