Friday, March 29, 2013

I Love Daniel Jolley

Tonight, on my way home from errands, I got a flat tire.  As you may remember, this happens pretty regularly around here.  I made my way onto the shoulder of the road.  I called Daniel, and he cheerfully said he was on his way.

When he arrived at our location, June was screaming and I was screaming in my head.  Something about being stuck on the side of the road as cars whoosh by unnerves me.  I watched each car in the rear view mirror as it would come closer and closer to me and then, seemingly at the last minute, it would dart out of the way.

It was dinner time, and June knew it.  She was not happy.  Daniel walked from his car to ours and said, "I thought you guys might be hungry, so I brought some food."  He crawled into the back of the car with us, and he fed June while I fed myself.

I wasn't quite sure if I would be able to navigate Daniel to our location.  I am terrible with directions.  So I was completely relieved when I saw Daniel because it meant this whole ordeal didn't have to be made into a bigger one.  When I saw him, I said, "I'm SO glad you found me!"

As soon as I said it, it hit me that it had a deeper meaning than I originally intended.  Daniel and I celebrated our three year anniversary on the 12th of this month.  I am sooo not a romantic and do not let Daniel know often enough how grateful I am for him.  I am SO GLAD HE FOUND ME.  So I would like to list here a few reasons I love Daniel Jolley:

1.  Daniel is a terrific husband and father.  Cliche, right?  But seriously, Daniel Jolley was born for the job.  He loves our family and loves serving our family.  While I was a little hesitant about tying the knot, he was certain and ready.  People always say, "Marriage is hard work" and I would always think "I hate hard work."  Marriage is hard work but he makes it worthwhile.

2.  Daniel is enthusiastic about whatever he is doing.  He gets extremely excited about projects he does for work and talks to me about them (for a really long time).  I never have any idea what he is talking about, but am glad that he does.

3.  Daniel is a joiner.  He has never displayed a "too cool for school" attitude, which I really appreciate.  No activity is beneath him, and he has fun everywhere he goes.  I once had a friend who asked us to go to Disneyland with her family.  She told me that she wanted us to go, particularly Daniel, because her husband would make fun of anything seemingly childish about the trip but she knew that Daniel would make the trip fun.  He would jump at the chance to travel the world, but he's also well pleased with eating leftovers and watching a movie from Redbox.

4.  Daniel is easy to like.  Whenever any of my girlfriends visits, she inevitably gets along with Daniel as well as she gets along with me.  Sometimes they make a connection over a movie they have both seen that I haven't and I have to remind everyone that the reason they even know each other is ME ME ME.

5.  Daniel loves June.  He loves his little girl and spends time with her everyday.  I hope all of that attention goes straight to her head and that she has the highest self-esteem possible.

6.  Daniel loves me.  I have never been more myself than when I am with Daniel Jolley.  He takes everything--the zany, the dramatic (only once in a great while), the zealous, the snippity snappity.

Love you, Daniel!  I'm so glad you found me!


  1. Oh my word. This is so sweet. You are both blessed to have found each other. Thanks for giving this single girl hope for the same some day! I get discouraged a lot when I hear about failing marriages, and this was perfect. Thank you, love you both, especially Daniel.

    JK! But, one time, when you guys were still just dating, Daniel held my hand while walking in Vegas so I wouldn't feel left out. HAHAHA! I knew from day one he was the one for you. I loved that he could support our together craziness and still be attracted to you (as the opposite has happened for both of us every other time). Love it!!

  2. I love everything about this. It gave me goosebumps.

  3. Love it! What a great tribute to your husband. I feel the same way about Scott -- I'm so glad he found me!!! :)

  4. Isn't it great feeling so loved and blessed in your marriage!? It sounds like you found a winner...or he found you :) I'm so glad to see how happy you are. You deserve it!

  5. barf. but sweet barf. like barfing up a milkshake.
    and i like daniel too. he puts up with my weirdnessessessessess.

  6. Interesting to read such things and to think about another guy I know and another girl I know. Very helpful for my future plans. I've decided I'm just a selfish person and once I've decided to start sharing my life, since it took me 29 years to share chocolate and other inconsequential things, I will be ready. Not quite yet. Not yet. Daniel is great.

  7. Ha, reading my comment 9 months later is pretty funny, since I'm married now. Woot.