Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ode to Strong Women

Awhile back, I had the opportunity to accompany a neighboring ward's Young Women's group while they sang songs at an assisted living center.  They sang oldies but goodies like "God Bless America", "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" and "Shake Your Bon Bon".  Ok, maybe not the last one, but they could have!  They were that talented.

I had a good ol' time playing the piano and hamming it up.  (I have just recently come out of my shell.)  Afterward, the Young Women passed out Valentine's Day cards personally addressed to each resident of the home. 

There are a few things in life that make me cry on a regular basis.  A few hundred things.  But one of them is hearing the National Anthem or other patriotic songs, like "God Bless America".  I remember a 10k my sister and I running together in Kansas City.  It was our first time ever running that far.  We were so nervous.  The National Anthem was played, and Heidi and I began tearing up at the same time.  We're sisters--two bodies with one heart.  She gets it six months of the year, and I get it the other six.  haha.  All joking aside, I love that we both have such strong feelings of patriotism.

Talking to people from our grandparents' generation is another thing that brings me to tears.  Such brave men and women who have gone through so much!  So I was a bona fide mess at the assisted living center.

I got into a long conversation with one of the residents after I asked her the simple question, "What did you do before you lived here?"  She responded, "Well, I owned horses and was the director of a camp where we taught disabled people how to ride horses.  Also, I was a glee club instructor and an aerobics instructor.  I have also written eleven novels."  I responded, "Is that all?  What did you do the rest of the week?"

Having a degree in English, I asked her more about the books she wrote.  She assured me that there was "no profanity and no pornography" in any of them.  Sold.

The resident, whose name is Sioux Dallas, told me of a book signing she was having at the home in two weeks.  I took down the information, bought one of her books, and brought June back with me so that Sioux Dallas could sign our book, a novel called Sharon.  It's a mystery novel.

I just wanted to write this experience down because Sioux was such a striking example of the type of strong, goal-achieving woman I want to be and want to raise my daughters to be.


  1. i LOVE this! there really are so many amazing women in the world. :)

  2. GREAT POST! i teared up reading about our habit of tearing up! this makes me want to do more. i WILL do more!

  3. 1. "I have just recently come out of my shell." - Brill.
    2. Remember that time we were at Thai Ruby and you started crying because the server was an old man? Remember that time I went to the Seville and sat with Oma while we listened to a pianist play old jazz, and I bawled? I love us.
    3. God Bless America.

  4. I love talking to old people and need to do it more often. I LIKE Lindsey's comments. Let me know how that book is. I am always looking for a good read.