Thursday, April 18, 2013

June is a Swimming Prodigy

For the past five weeks, June has participated in "Baby Genius Swim Class" at the YMCA, also known as "Baby Swim Class", also known as "It's Been Five Weeks, and My Baby is No Closer to Swimming Class."

True to its title, this class is not so much centered around swimming as it is helping babies become more comfortable with being in the water.

Yesterday was her last class, her "graduation" you might say.  It was without ceremony, as is probably best for young babies.  A fellow classmate screamed and cried the whole time.  June, whose prime Baby Swim Class event is pushing herself off of the side of the pool into my arms in the pool, refused to do so.  Another baby girl, who is the only baby in the class that can stay on her back for an extended period of time, kept flipping over to her belly.  It's like all of the babies reverted back to how they were the first day of close to honor their teacher's efforts over the past five weeks.  How special.

As for her highest achievements, June can:

 1.  Hold herself up at the side of the pool.

2. Stay afloat while her mom makes weird faces.

3.  Stay under water for two seconds (apparently while Dad holds his breath for her).

 4.  Pull off a midriff-baring bathing suit better than anyone I know.

5.  Tolerate affection from her fans.

Yay Junie!


  1. Clearly, you've never seen my midriff-baring swimsuit.

    Fave line: "It's Been Five Weeks, and My Baby is No Closer to Swimming Class."

    Haha!! Yay Junie! Cute pics, cute family, cute June!! I'm glad she's at least getting comfortable in the water. Awesome!

  2. June now has the same skill equivalent as I do at swimming!! As a friend once told me while I was "trying" to swim - "You look like you are drowning." Maybe I should work on that....

    But way to go June!!

  3. hahahaha. i'd like to say that swimming lessons work better when the kids are older, but that's simply not true. i think ethan is my only child who can {kind of} swimm and he taught himself a few summers ago. everyone else relies heavily on life jackets for swimming. maybe this summer we'll work on that. :)

  4. Don't worry. We had 6 year olds that could jump off the diving board, swim all four strokes, touch the bottom of the pool on the deep end and suddenly in the middle of a race forget how to swim and just hold onto the lane ropes until we coaxed them to the other end where they could get out.

  5. Just caught up on all your posts. LOVE you so much. Your wit is 2nd to none. Please for the love of all that is holy can we have some girl time?! Bring that darling little girl over! We removed our carpet so she can spit up all she wants. ;)

  6. i know you are very worried about june's skill level but i think she'll pull through. i am impressed. and you are a wit.

  7. and she's really really cute.

  8. She's so cute, but why is she wearing clothes?