Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Break and June's Birfday

We had visitors for June's birthday.  My cousin Cami is a high school senior, and her family brought her and a friend, Mallory, down for their last Spring Break with her.

Uncle Sherm and Aunt Susan and Tanner and Devon stayed in a hotel in Clearwater, but Cami and Mallory wanted to do their own thing and so they stayed with us.

Let's review . . . staying in a hotel near Clearwater Beach . . .


Sleeping on our fold-out couch . . .

They obviously made the right choice.

I had SO much fun with these girls.  They couldn't get away from me.  As much as I love being married, I do miss the gigglefests and ridiculousness that comes with having fun females around.  We would stay up late (past 10) and play uno or watch movies.  Daniel reminded me that I am no longer 18 more than once during the week.

If my own daughter(s) end up like Cami and Mallory, I can die happy.  They are confident, beautiful, smart, and low-maintenance.  And super helpful with June.

And they let me pick the movies we watched.

This is my exact movie cover.  Can we please discuss the fact that SJP's hair never looked like that in the movie?  And look at their heads!  Obviously just pasted pics of them onto some bodies.  Creepy.

And . . .

Sigh.  Both classics.

Cami and Mallory didn't seem to share the appreciation for these movies.  While I was laughing hysterically at scenes I have seen 398247 times, they watched silently.  I offered to rewind certain parts because they didn't seem to realize how funny they were.  They declined.

I also wanted to watch Goonies, and they asked, "Is that like the other two we watched?"  I took the hint.  Not everyone loves the 80s like I do.

Hanging out with family was so fun.  We went boating with them and out to eat, and they even helped us celebrate June's bday.

I had my friend, Tara, make the cake:

I took a photo of the top of it, but the pic won't load onto the computer.  But, to give you an idea, here is the smash cake:

Isn't that so cute?  She even made the chicks herself!  

Please note my amazing photography skills.  June waiting in the background foreshadows the upcoming event of:

I received mucho flako from the hubs and extended family about bringing her tub to eat it in.  But I still think it was a good idea.  Easy clean-up!

Thanks to Sherm, Susan, Cami, Mallory, Tanner, and Devon for coming to visit us!  We had so much fun with y'all.  I just can't believe I don't have a single photo of us all together!

Some odds and ends:

What is a dad to do when Baby's shoes won't stay on?  Tape them, of course!

Another example of my photographic genius.  I always say--There should be more vacuums in photos!

June playing with the present Sherm and Susan gave her.  She loves it.

I hate selfies, don't you?  Plus this is how mine turn out.

Happy Birthday, June!


  1. Oh man, you know we would have had such a gigglefest if I had been the one watching those movies with you. And Goonies would have been seen. Guaranteed. Between the two of us, I bet we could reenact those full movies from memory. I loved this post. June is so adorable. Staying up past 10 is crazytown! I loved staying with you on that fold-out couch. Happy Birthday, Junie!

  2. I think the tub is genius! I wish that they made us that smart in law school! Also that cake is soooo cute. And lastly the polka dot top with the pink flower outfit is very cute on June. Props to whoever purchased it.

  3. Oh and I forgot the taped on shoes. What a man thing to do, especially a messy job with masking tap. Hahaha. Does he wrap presents in a brown paper bag with masking tape as well?

  4. "I always say - there should be more vacuums in photos!" I laughed out loud! You are so funny! And happy birthday June! She's adorable!

  5. i laughed and laughed and laughed at this. GEM! the tub is brills and so were the movie choices. if those girls had flaws it would be poor movie taste. the passed on goonies? i bet they've never even heard of newsies.