Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ebony and Ivory Reunion--May 2013 Edition

Last week, June and I visited Heidi and the gang (not to be confused with Kool and the Gang).

 It had been 10 months since I had flown with June, and I was nervous.
And had every reason to be.

In order to make the trip easier, I decided to fly sans stroller and car seat, since Heidi has extras.  I managed to pack everything into one suitcase, which we checked.  So it was just June and me and the diaper bag.  Easy, right?

If you are into new, creative exercises, here's one for you--hold a 20 pound weight with one hand while unbuttoning pants and using the restroom.  We call it The Lopsided Squat.

June screamed the entire plane ride which, luckily, was only one hour.  Once Heidi picked us up, the fun began and never stopped.

We went on an epic shopping trip to the outlets, where Blythe insisted on driving the empty stroller.

I always say--Shopping with babies is convenient.

We bought reinforcements:

Plain M&M’s and Reese’s Pieces.  The best combo ever.

Throughout the week, Heidi was stopped multiple times and asked if these girls were her twins.  (No one asked me because I don’t look responsible enough.)  She would say, "These are twin cousins!"

Blythe and June, hereinafter referred to as “TC” (Twin Cousins) or “Blune” could not look more different.  Just like their moms!!  Ebony and Ivory: The Second Generation!  Blythe is dark and June is fair.  Blythe’s head is square-shaped, and June’s is long and narrow.  Blythe says “Hi! Hi! Hi!” and June just keeps the same confused look on her face all of the time.

They were bff all week!  They got along like champs.  They made messes together, ate together, pooped together (one morning was not-so-affectionately named “The Poopacolypse.”  I seriously considered making shirts that said “I survived Poop Storm 2013.”), climbed the stairs together, fell down the stairs together, took bubble baths together, slept in the same room, and wore each other’s clothes.  I can’t wait until they are roommates in college!  They are both happy, sweet girls.  And Blythe was even kind enough to forgive June’s horrible biting habit.  And even bit June back once.  And we were all kind of glad.

Every place they went looked like this:

June is working on fulfilling her mother's dream of being the female drummer in a male band.  Get ready for the count off!

Heidi and I both commented several times throughout the week how we didn’t comprehend how people have twins.  Just figuring out how to pick them both up made my brain have a tiny explosion.

I had so much fun with the big kids too.  Everyday when they got home, we would do homework, jump on the trampoline, play the piano and sing, and read lots of books.

Doing homework:

Reagan and I went on an “adventure” in the backyard.  Reagan is so imaginative.  He can turn the backyard into a jungle or forest in no time.  He loves to record his adventures on his Leap Pad and watch the recordings.  On our adventure we found a “snake pig”.  I don’t know what that is, but we had a great time!

Scarlett is stunningly beautiful and excited about everything!  She loves school, loves her friends, loves Blune and loooooooveeesssssss to play "Lion" on the trampoline (I am the lion and get to chase kids until I pass out).  When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she said, "I want to adopt babies and work in a building."  I think that sounds great.

On Friday, we watched a movie, and Scarlett danced to the closing credits:

And then Reagan put an end that that.

Anytime we were in a hurry, the garage wouldn’t close.  Heidi spent a lot of time trying to figure it out while I spent a lot of time waiting in the car and taking pictures of her exasperated face.  She tried fixing it:

And when that didn’t work, she just stared at it in this position for about 10 minutes.

And then she would pull it down.

I should make documentaries.

One day we went and bought Cold Stone.  Someone’s face was cut from this photo to protect the innocent.

And there was just a lot of silliness in general:

How'd that get in there?

Man, I miss those people.  Love you, Simpsons!  Thanks for hosting us!


  1. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i just laughed so hard that tears are rolling down my face and thomas wants me to shut up. so many great pictures and memories. i'm glad i took so many pictures of food. i finally loaded them and perhaps tomorrow i'll even post it.
    if you want to make your pictures bigger, click on them and when they are highlighted, it will gives you size options.
    love you gurl.

  2. Well I am officially jealous. This looks like an awesome trip. I hope that my sister and I can have similar times when we have husbands and babies!! Love this!

  3. That is so much fun! It took me at least 10 tries to sound out - out loud, mind you (it's a good thing Ariana doesn't understand words yet. or weird moms) - the word "poopacolypse." Poop-ACK-oh-lips. Right?? I hope so, otherwise that's 5 minutes of wasted time in my day. That's not how I roll.

  4. Oh my gosh- you are seriously the funniest! I just laughed so hard reading this post. I loved Blune and the poopacalypse. That one made me laugh LOUDLY. You are so awesome. Your June is getting so big and cute and beautiful!