Thursday, August 1, 2013

Best Picture Marathon

Daniel and I do not subscribe to Netflix.  You read that right--no Netflix.  We are not noble; we are just no fun.  Actually, we are t.v. junkies, and since we can already watch stuff on Hulu, we decided that if we acquired Netflix, we would no longer leave our apartment.  We would have our groceries delivered to our house.  Self-disciplined we are not, but we are trying!  So no Netflix.

We do, however, want to watch good movies and for free.  So, we started a quest together of requesting films from our local library that have won the Best Picture Award during the past 4 decades.  Receiving the email that the movie we requested is waiting for us at our local library branch is like Christmas every week!

We watch about one a week, broken up into 30 minute increments each night.  If you know any Beck girls, you know that we fall asleep if we watch anything past 8:00 p.m.  Or, if we have had an especially big lunch, we will fall asleep at anything past 2:00.  We are fun like that.  We are you-fell-asleep-first-at-the-big-sleepover-so-now-your-underwear-is-in-the-freezer champions. 

I thought from time to time, I could post short reviews here.  Let the fun begin!

1.  The Apartment, Best Picture Winner of 1960. 

I actually watched this one by myself when we visited Utah in June. 

Plot:  Jack Lemmon is a low-on-the-totem-pole employee at a huge insurance company in NYC.  He works his way up the corporate ladder by letting his bosses use his apartment to entertain their non-wife lady friends.  But then he ends up falling for one of the lady friends . . .

Thoughts:  The movie made me really wish one (or both!) of my grandpas was alive because I would love to ask them if this is how sleazy the Boys' Club workplace was back in the 60s.  I know that these things still happen today, but not to this degree.  Jack Lemmon was fun and fanstastic.  It's pretty funny.  The movie did feel a little long though.  (NOTE: I feel like every movie is a little long, so you will be reading that a lot.)

Content:  The plot is obviously a little much for kids, but there is no sex, drugs or rock and roll. 

2.   An American in Paris, Best Picture Winner of 1951.

Plot: Gene Kelly is a starving artist who falls for his best friend's girlfriend.

Thoughts:  First, the dancing is incredible.  The music is not.  The songs are blahhh, but just look at their feet because that's where the real action is.  There is this huge long dance scene at the end that makes no sense, but just enjoy the scene.  And then the movie ends in 2 seconds after building up for 389247 minutes, so be prepared for a disappointingly quick ending.  There is a subplot that is NEVER resolved regarding a rich socialite who is in love with Gene Kelly and is sponsoring his artwork.  To sum it up--Great dancing, bad movie.  But still fun!  So watch it.

Content:  Squeaky clean. 

If you have seen either of these movies, please comment with your thoughts!!  More coming up tomorrow . . . The Ten Commandments, Around the World in Eighty Days, Awakenings, and more!  Hold on to your seats . . . or just thanks for humoring me.

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  1. I fall asleep during every old movie ever. I don't think I have even made it through the Sound of Music or the Wizard of Oz in one sitting. It doesn't matter what time of day. Haha! I love that you guys are doing this, though. You are so cultured! - Linz