Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Halloween, Dawgs.

Normally, Daniel and I are quite the Halloweiners. We are all talk, no walk. We spend the entire months of September and October talking about amazing costumes we want to make, knowing full well neither of us is going to spend 239847 hours and $3892749287 making the extravagant and over the top ideas we come up with.

For example, last year we gabbed up the idea of a Headless Horseman costume.  We decided that Daniel would be the Headless Horseman and that he would carry June around, who would be wearing all black, except for her head so that it would be like Daniel was carrying his head around. Funny, right? Too bad they don't give out awards for the best Halloween ideas. We would win that. Instead, we wait until . . .  October 31st at 4:00 p.m. and scour our closet for what we already own.

Which usually results in Daniel dressing like Nacho Libre (Yes, we have the stuff for that on hand. Yes, we are that cool) and me dressing up like a cowgirl or a celebrity. Not impressive.

This year, we turned into Hallowinners!  One of Daniel's co-workers gave us an outfit for June that we didn't quite know what to do with. It's a jumpsuit that says "Penn State" on it. It's also for 6-9 month olds. Luckily, June is small so it basically fit her.  With the help from some neighbors who own cooler kid clothes than we do, we came up with:

J-Dizzle the Rapper! Or J-Dawgs (tribute to BYU)! Or J-Money! We couldn't decide. You may now vote in the comments! And all several days before Halloween! We brainstormed, we planned, we executed!

Daniel and I dressed up as her security detail:

Which, yes, means that, once again, Daniel and I just scoured out closets again for ourselves this year. Baby steps, people.

Of course, I forgot to take a pic of myself, but I was also security. Just more feminine. Speaking of which, doesn't June look like such a boy in her costume? It was startling. Reference point:

 June won the Best Costume award at the party we went to Saturday night! Hallowinners!

And it feels so good.


  1. SO much win. Love this!! She looks amazing. - Linz

  2. I have a feeling this is one of the reasons we're friends. We have the same patterns of living. I look to your present to see my future.