Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Barfday, Daniel

Sticking with tradition, Daniel had another disastrous birthday. Last year on his birthday, he was sick, and this year we decided to double the pleasure, double the fun.

His birthday was Friday, and we had plans to go out to eat that night. I went to the Y that morning to do a swim, and a childcare worker came to tell me that June wouldn't stop coughing. So I had to take her home. As the day waned on, June coughed more and more and became more and more pale and lethargic. Let's just say that you know June is sick because it's the only time she will ever cuddle with you.

So Daniel came home, and we called off our plans for dinner, saying that we would go the next night. That night, June threw up in her crib, and the real fun began.

Then Saturday morning, as I was preparing to clean the bathrooms, I heard crazy screaming coming from the living room. I ran to find Daniel on the ground yelling as loud as I had ever heard him. He couldn't explain what happened, just that his back was hurting. He asked for his phone and called his dad. His dad has lots of back problems, and Daniel thought he would be helpful. The phone call just resulted in him shrieking into the phone, unable to explain to his dad what was going on either. Finally, the spasms in his back slowed enough for him to talk.

We knew he needed some medical attention, but I didn't know how to get him into the car. I called a man from our ward who came over with another man to carry Daniel out. But Daniel couldn't be moved. Anytime they attempted to move him just a little bit, he would scream. Finally they decided to take apart one of our tables and use it as a gurney to transport him. They also gave him a blessing.

If you are wondering if everyone thought I was weird for taking pictures during this process, the answer is yes.

They slid him to the staircase outside of our apartment.

And pushed him down. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

Meanwhile, June was beside herself and wanted to be held every second of the process. She was feeling so sick and tired and also scared that Daniel was screaming like a banshee. I was trying to comfort her and also trying to look up urgent care clinics that are covered by our insurance. Luckily, the wife of one of the men came by and picked June up to get her out of the way a bit.

Urgent Care wouldn't see Daniel because he couldn't walk himself in. We were fortunate enough to get help we needed from a doctor, and Daniel has been on meds for three days now. We couldn't get him back up the stairs, and our friends didn't feel good about leaving him with big ol' pregnant me and sicky June anyhow, so we ended up spending the night at their house Saturday night. We stayed in their daughter's bedroom, and she was getting ready for the church-sponsored prom when we came over. Exactly what she wanted, I'm sure. But they were all so nice about everything.  June was up half the night screaming and crying and being sick. I don't think I have ever carried her so much as I did in those 24 hours. I made a joke to Daniel that carrying her with my 31-week pregnant belly was really killing my back, and he didn't seem amused at all. I was so tempted to take her home, but knew that Daniel needed me to stay with him.

Our friends stayed up with me and crying June, and we watched Tangled and discussed our own proms as we waited for their daughter to come home and spill the juice from the evening.

The whole situation humbled me, and Daniel and I talked about how much we learned about service this weekend by constantly receiving it. We have been so blessed by our good associations here.

I was able to come home for a few hours yesterday and whip up a birthday dinner for Daniel and bring it to him and our friends. His dinner request this year was--pot roast, cream cheese corn, cheesy mashed potatoes and gravy, and blondies with ice cream and caramel sauce. And a heart attack, apparently.  When I brought the dinner over (in the rain, with a still-screaming June), Daniel was up and walking BY HIMSELF. It was so great.

We came home last night and have been sleeping ever since.

Happy Birthday, Daniel. May this weekend not be an omen for the whole year. Haha.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

House Shopping

Before you get any big ideas from the title, you should know that I have been house shopping my entire life. I am just one of those people who loves to look at houses, whether I am buying or not. Daniel and I do hope to put down roots and buy a house in the near future, but don't have any definite plans for right now.

However, that doesn't stop me from house shopping. Do you house shop?

I was raised in a family of house shoppers. Meaning mostly my mom and my sister are big house shoppers. I remember as a kid my mom would often take me to see new neighborhoods being built, and we would talk excitedly about which house we would pick. My mom's famous line during this activity is, "I'll take that one." She says it so casually, as if she just happened to bring along a sack of cash in the backseat. Or, if we are in a particularly nice neighborhood, she says, "I'll take ANY of these" which she says as if people are ready to dump their million dollar homes into our laps.

When any of us Beck girls visits each other, it's not uncommon to plan stops through neighborhoods on the way to running other errands or finding time to look at a house that the hostess has been wanting to discuss. Heidi and I often run through our dream neighborhoods (highly unattainable unless we take up bank robbery) or what I call "someday" neighborhoods (more likely, but not for at least ten years). We discuss what we do or don't like about the houses, if they have enough space between them and their neighbors (a dealbreaker for Beck gals) and whether or not a particular model is just "too much garage" in front.

Daniel, on the other hand, does not appreciate the game that is house hunting. I have dragged him along a few times, and he doesn't understand why we are doing it if we aren't really going to buy one. Daniel is quick and decisive. The world is his grocery store. He wants to pick up some milk, he picks up some milk. He wants to buy a house--he will go out a find a house he likes in 3 hours. So I try not to drag him on too many of my excursions.

So this morning ended up being such a perfect morning for me.

I didn't have time to run to the gym before I did some visiting teaching visits, so I packed up some water and the stroller, and June and I went on a quick walk before my first visit. The lady I visit lives in a great neighborhood, with new houses being built all of the time. I'm partial to neighborhoods that are a bit older, but I love to look at new ones too. My first visit ended up having to cancel, and June and I just kept walking through neighborhoods.

Normally May in Florida is pretty hot, but we were lucky to find ourselves in 70 degree weather. Still plenty of humidity, but we were fine.

Here is June with all of the essentials--water, goldfish crackers and Elmo.

I didn't take any pictures of houses, because I thought people would see me and be creeped out.

But I did take pictures of the scenery. We moved here from Vegas, so I am extremely appreciative of the green that is EVERYWHERE here. Florida. Is. Beautiful.

And of course I loved the space between these houses. And, again, so pretty!

And June was SUPER excited to see cows.

And to play peek a boo.

We ended up walking for close to two hours. It was awesome.

After much deliberation, I came to the same conclusion my mom often did. "I'll take any of these!"

Tell me, do you house shop?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hot Pregnant Date Night

Daniel's birthday is coming up, and nothing makes him happier than seeing a movie at the actual movie theater. I feel like we talk about doing this A LOT and then actually do it twice a year--once at Christmas and once for his birthday. He always picks a superhero movie for his birthday, and he had his pick of them this month. We went to see The Amazing Spiderman. It wasn't amazing, but it was okay. And it was 140 minutes long . . . ouch.

This is how a 30-week pregnant woman does the movies.

You can't tell by this photo, but I hadn't washed my hair for six days. And yes, I had been to the gym a few times in there. Do you still want to be friends? Do you want to take me out in public? Are you impressed with Daniel now more than ever? Because he was totally still happy to take me out into the world.

Another sign of Daniel's love. He splurged for the largest size drink so that I could have as much ice as possible. Ice during pregnancy = love. Every few days, Daniel brings home a huge bag of ice from the store. It's better than Valentine's Day. Ice has been my biggest pregnancy craving with both June and now this baby. I LOVE IT.

Here is my gigantic cup.

Of course, being pregnant, plus eating 923874372 ice cubes in a 140 minute period, means plenty of bathroom breaks. I was quite proud of myself for only having to waddle out two times. I don't think I missed much of the movie, mostly because I didn't like the movie. Unfortunately, however, I did accidentally enter the men's room upon my first exit. It took my seeing the urinals to get a clue. Upon leaving that bathroom, I was greeted by many people walking by the men's room at that exact moment, and I had to say something really witty like, "Don't go in THERE unless you're a MAN."

I don't have a picture of it, but I had to stretch out my legs a lot at the movies. I have a really bad version of Restless Legs Syndrome when I am pregnant. And yes, that is a real thing. My legs jump so much, especially when I'm sitting in a chair with not a lot of space in front of it, like in a movie theater. But I also get these jumpy legs every night when I am settling into bed. The only thing that helps it is if I flex my legs a lot until the point that they start to get a charley horse. Then I flex my feet backward to stop the charley horse spasm and my leg relaxes a bit after releasing that flexed energy. It's kind of terrible, but not the worst thing. And luckily, last time it went away right after delivering June.

I know I have written a lot about being pregnant lately, and I'll stop. That's part of the reason I hadn't blogged in awhile anyway, because I didn't want to just blog about pregnancy because that gets old for people. And I'm a bit sensitive about its effects on me anyway. I will say that a man at church today decided to point out how huge my belly is, and now he's scared for his life. I feel bad that I reacted so badly but feel worse that I let it get me into a bad mood all day. Because that's just dumb.

We also went swimming with friends this weekend. Afterward, we had a spaghetti dinner at their house. June really got into the spaghetti.  You know you have true friends when they don't care that your child is eating at their table with no clothes on. Free for all!

And now, a video by June. Her hair is crazy, but she sure is cute. You can see the genetic link back to me when she trips over nothing halfway through. What can I say? I taught her everything she knows.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Heather Marie Photography

Today, we went out to lunch to celebrate Daniel's new job. After a series of many interviews, we were so grateful and excited to find out that Daniel had been chosen for a promotion within his company. This new job will mean a lot of changes for our family, as he will be traveling a lot more frequently, starting this summer.

I was in the mood for some Mexican food, specifically a Cafe Rio Salad. Since we definitely don't have those in Florida, we settled for our version, Tijuana Flats.

It was there I re-discovered my complete lack of talent for taking photos. Let me know if you would ever like me to take your family photos for you. I guarantee a job badly done, with terrible lighting and out-of-focus subjects.

In case you couldn't tell, the three pictures above are of Daniel.

I laughed so hard I was crying at the outcome of these shots of June.

I can't take all of the credit for how bad these were. That girl won't stay still for anything, was a total mess by her own doing and cannot maintain a NON-snotty nose to save her life.

I mean, really, are there worse photos in existence? She is such a cute girl, and these pics do her no justice.

The only decent photo:

Cookie dough floutas. Sounded good, but overall not my favorite. Don't worry, though, I still managed to finish my share.

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How long ago was Halloween?

Creeeeaaaaaaak. That was the sound of me opening up the old blog to write a post. I know it's been awhile, folks. There have been some good, great and lame reasons for it. I will update you as we go along here.

1. First off, June.

June turned 2 in March. I have always wondered if the phrase "Terrible Twos" was a myth, and alas it is not. June has always been relatively easy, and I hate to start complaining now, but my days with June now seem to be an endless rollercoaster of hugs and kisses, screaming and crying, reading books, 2-minute time outs, watching Lady and the Tramp (but editing the zoo scene with the alligator because June FREAKS OUT), being looked at by June like I'm an idiot for suggesting we do . . . anything, making animal noises, and chasing after June with a comb and hair tie. She is lovable and wonderful and stubborn and insistent. She cuddles and talks and loves to love and then magically transforms her body of bones to gelatin and lies in a heap on the floor, unable to be moved.

Though living away from family is hard, many people at church have adopted us, and especially June, into their lives. We are so blessed. She received more birthday presents from friends than she did from her own parents this year.

Here she is wearing a new outfit she received for her birthday and playing with a new toy she also received. She loves playing this toy to learn animal noises and only occasionally still points to me and says, "MOOOOOOOO."

 Some of you more experienced moms can clue me in here. She wanted to sit in her stroller. Then she screamed and screamed after I put her in there. Every time I moved to take her back out of the stroller, she screamed even louder. Go figure.

And don't you dare take her picture on Easter.

One thing June always loves is nursery. I serve as the Primary Secretary and get to visit nursery every week to take attendance. My heart melted when June ran up to me wearing this get-up.

2.  Daniel. Daniel is so great. One thing that has always impressed me about Daniel is that he (a) sets goals and then (b) KEEPS them. It's amazing. I'm great at setting goals. And that's it. When Daniel and I first started dating, he worked out quite a bit. After we got married and he was working, schooling, parenting and churching full-time, the gym had to take a backseat. At the beginning of 2014, he made a goal to get back to the gym. The only time he has to go is before work. So he gets up at 4 in the AM three days a week and hits it hard at the gym. Since January, he has gained over 10 pounds in muscle. What the heck?

All while still being a tremendous father, churcher, worker and preparing-to-go-back-to-schooler.

What a champ. I love him.

3  Me. And now--the moment you've all been waiting for!!

I'm pregnant. About 29 weeks along actually. Which is why I stopped blogging for months at a time. I was so sick my first trimester that I lost about 15 pounds. It was hard for me to go anywhere or do anything. Daniel would leave for work and I would be in bed, sick. He would come home, and I would still be in bed, sick, and June would be sitting on top of me, poking me in the eyes. Daniel cleaned, cooked, and did everything else solo for several weeks.

I even made Christmas lame. Daniel sat by the bed a few days before Christmas and sweetly asked, "Are we going to do anything for Christmas this year?" I knew then that I had to snap out of it and try to be fun. I sat up and watched while Daniel made his mom's famous hot chocolate mix, and we delivered it to our friends while singing carols. Then on Christmas Eve, trying to stick with our tradition, we went out to eat sushi food. It was going pretty well until I had to leave our table, clutching my mouth with my hands and barely made it out of the restaurant in time to ralph all over the sidewalk. A van drove by slowly, with its passengers sticking their heads out the windows and peering at me with quizzical faces. Two men walked by me, stopped, watched me throw up and then continued into the restaurant. I'm glad I didn't slow down the restaurant's business that day, at least! Then I went back into the restaurant and told Daniel we had to leave right away. And then I bawled all of the way home out of embarrassment.

That night I went to bed at 4:30 p.m., and Daniel set out stockings, presents and made food for the next day. He really is a keeper. Sorry to be so gushy, but it's experiences like that which make you realize how grateful you are for your fantastic spouse.

We are having another girl. We don't have a name picked out yet, though Daniel thinks we do and has told several people we are naming her Alice. Nice name, but no we aren't.

My second trimester felt so much better. I was able to start working out again and have continued to work my legal secretary job and teach piano lessons.

Now I'm in my third trimester. Things are still going well, but I definitely feel the difference. This week, I had to make the tough decision to stop running because it kills my back. But I am still swimming a lot, and it feels great.

I'm due July 25th. Having a baby in the dead heat of summer in Florida is a great idea, I say!

But as my sister Heidi says, I "basically only have two months left. The last month doesn't count because you could go at any time and you're just blah anyway. So there's only May and June left!" I like that way of thinking.

And that's the scoop, folks!