Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How long ago was Halloween?

Creeeeaaaaaaak. That was the sound of me opening up the old blog to write a post. I know it's been awhile, folks. There have been some good, great and lame reasons for it. I will update you as we go along here.

1. First off, June.

June turned 2 in March. I have always wondered if the phrase "Terrible Twos" was a myth, and alas it is not. June has always been relatively easy, and I hate to start complaining now, but my days with June now seem to be an endless rollercoaster of hugs and kisses, screaming and crying, reading books, 2-minute time outs, watching Lady and the Tramp (but editing the zoo scene with the alligator because June FREAKS OUT), being looked at by June like I'm an idiot for suggesting we do . . . anything, making animal noises, and chasing after June with a comb and hair tie. She is lovable and wonderful and stubborn and insistent. She cuddles and talks and loves to love and then magically transforms her body of bones to gelatin and lies in a heap on the floor, unable to be moved.

Though living away from family is hard, many people at church have adopted us, and especially June, into their lives. We are so blessed. She received more birthday presents from friends than she did from her own parents this year.

Here she is wearing a new outfit she received for her birthday and playing with a new toy she also received. She loves playing this toy to learn animal noises and only occasionally still points to me and says, "MOOOOOOOO."

 Some of you more experienced moms can clue me in here. She wanted to sit in her stroller. Then she screamed and screamed after I put her in there. Every time I moved to take her back out of the stroller, she screamed even louder. Go figure.

And don't you dare take her picture on Easter.

One thing June always loves is nursery. I serve as the Primary Secretary and get to visit nursery every week to take attendance. My heart melted when June ran up to me wearing this get-up.

2.  Daniel. Daniel is so great. One thing that has always impressed me about Daniel is that he (a) sets goals and then (b) KEEPS them. It's amazing. I'm great at setting goals. And that's it. When Daniel and I first started dating, he worked out quite a bit. After we got married and he was working, schooling, parenting and churching full-time, the gym had to take a backseat. At the beginning of 2014, he made a goal to get back to the gym. The only time he has to go is before work. So he gets up at 4 in the AM three days a week and hits it hard at the gym. Since January, he has gained over 10 pounds in muscle. What the heck?

All while still being a tremendous father, churcher, worker and preparing-to-go-back-to-schooler.

What a champ. I love him.

3  Me. And now--the moment you've all been waiting for!!

I'm pregnant. About 29 weeks along actually. Which is why I stopped blogging for months at a time. I was so sick my first trimester that I lost about 15 pounds. It was hard for me to go anywhere or do anything. Daniel would leave for work and I would be in bed, sick. He would come home, and I would still be in bed, sick, and June would be sitting on top of me, poking me in the eyes. Daniel cleaned, cooked, and did everything else solo for several weeks.

I even made Christmas lame. Daniel sat by the bed a few days before Christmas and sweetly asked, "Are we going to do anything for Christmas this year?" I knew then that I had to snap out of it and try to be fun. I sat up and watched while Daniel made his mom's famous hot chocolate mix, and we delivered it to our friends while singing carols. Then on Christmas Eve, trying to stick with our tradition, we went out to eat sushi food. It was going pretty well until I had to leave our table, clutching my mouth with my hands and barely made it out of the restaurant in time to ralph all over the sidewalk. A van drove by slowly, with its passengers sticking their heads out the windows and peering at me with quizzical faces. Two men walked by me, stopped, watched me throw up and then continued into the restaurant. I'm glad I didn't slow down the restaurant's business that day, at least! Then I went back into the restaurant and told Daniel we had to leave right away. And then I bawled all of the way home out of embarrassment.

That night I went to bed at 4:30 p.m., and Daniel set out stockings, presents and made food for the next day. He really is a keeper. Sorry to be so gushy, but it's experiences like that which make you realize how grateful you are for your fantastic spouse.

We are having another girl. We don't have a name picked out yet, though Daniel thinks we do and has told several people we are naming her Alice. Nice name, but no we aren't.

My second trimester felt so much better. I was able to start working out again and have continued to work my legal secretary job and teach piano lessons.

Now I'm in my third trimester. Things are still going well, but I definitely feel the difference. This week, I had to make the tough decision to stop running because it kills my back. But I am still swimming a lot, and it feels great.

I'm due July 25th. Having a baby in the dead heat of summer in Florida is a great idea, I say!

But as my sister Heidi says, I "basically only have two months left. The last month doesn't count because you could go at any time and you're just blah anyway. So there's only May and June left!" I like that way of thinking.

And that's the scoop, folks!


  1. I love you. And this. And everything. And I can't wait for the new baby!

  2. Hooray hooray! I'd been meaning to email you b/c someone made a comment on your FB about you being pregnant a while ago and you told me even longer ago that you guys were ready for #2. Congrats! So sorry you've been on your death bed. Sounds about like how I was with Caleb, only I didn't have a kid already and I only lost 6lbs. We're about opposites right now--you only have 10 weeks left and I've only made it 10 weeks. We are very much in the "TV = life" mode right now. Glad you're feeling better. And tell Daniel I agree Alice won't do. Her name will be Amy.

  3. congratulations!!! and i loved this recap. isn't it so great to have a helpful and caring husband??

  4. Hahaha hahaha oh gee.
    That vomiting story is special. Don't tell mom.
    Tens pounds of muscle? But I bet the scale went up so there!

  5. You are so great. I was just wondering during this post when you'd be on to your second baby. Vomiting all over the sidewalk sounds like what I'm looking forward to doing someday. Pregnancy sounds like the worst. Sorry you felt so crappy. Great husbands are so great.

  6. yay! Congrats!! I am so excited for you! I was a total Pukey McPukerson this time around too... the worst! I swear that we are 'baby naming simpaticos', because I LOVE the name Alice (even though you aren't using that name, we are totes on the same wavelength), and we both named our daughter June. :-) What can I say, good taste is good taste! I still have NO IDEA what we are naming this boy....I have a sneaking suspicion its going to be something kinda old fashioned. Let's just say, Clyde, is a front runner. ANYWAY. You are the best. I love your blog. And you.