Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Barfday, Daniel

Sticking with tradition, Daniel had another disastrous birthday. Last year on his birthday, he was sick, and this year we decided to double the pleasure, double the fun.

His birthday was Friday, and we had plans to go out to eat that night. I went to the Y that morning to do a swim, and a childcare worker came to tell me that June wouldn't stop coughing. So I had to take her home. As the day waned on, June coughed more and more and became more and more pale and lethargic. Let's just say that you know June is sick because it's the only time she will ever cuddle with you.

So Daniel came home, and we called off our plans for dinner, saying that we would go the next night. That night, June threw up in her crib, and the real fun began.

Then Saturday morning, as I was preparing to clean the bathrooms, I heard crazy screaming coming from the living room. I ran to find Daniel on the ground yelling as loud as I had ever heard him. He couldn't explain what happened, just that his back was hurting. He asked for his phone and called his dad. His dad has lots of back problems, and Daniel thought he would be helpful. The phone call just resulted in him shrieking into the phone, unable to explain to his dad what was going on either. Finally, the spasms in his back slowed enough for him to talk.

We knew he needed some medical attention, but I didn't know how to get him into the car. I called a man from our ward who came over with another man to carry Daniel out. But Daniel couldn't be moved. Anytime they attempted to move him just a little bit, he would scream. Finally they decided to take apart one of our tables and use it as a gurney to transport him. They also gave him a blessing.

If you are wondering if everyone thought I was weird for taking pictures during this process, the answer is yes.

They slid him to the staircase outside of our apartment.

And pushed him down. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

Meanwhile, June was beside herself and wanted to be held every second of the process. She was feeling so sick and tired and also scared that Daniel was screaming like a banshee. I was trying to comfort her and also trying to look up urgent care clinics that are covered by our insurance. Luckily, the wife of one of the men came by and picked June up to get her out of the way a bit.

Urgent Care wouldn't see Daniel because he couldn't walk himself in. We were fortunate enough to get help we needed from a doctor, and Daniel has been on meds for three days now. We couldn't get him back up the stairs, and our friends didn't feel good about leaving him with big ol' pregnant me and sicky June anyhow, so we ended up spending the night at their house Saturday night. We stayed in their daughter's bedroom, and she was getting ready for the church-sponsored prom when we came over. Exactly what she wanted, I'm sure. But they were all so nice about everything.  June was up half the night screaming and crying and being sick. I don't think I have ever carried her so much as I did in those 24 hours. I made a joke to Daniel that carrying her with my 31-week pregnant belly was really killing my back, and he didn't seem amused at all. I was so tempted to take her home, but knew that Daniel needed me to stay with him.

Our friends stayed up with me and crying June, and we watched Tangled and discussed our own proms as we waited for their daughter to come home and spill the juice from the evening.

The whole situation humbled me, and Daniel and I talked about how much we learned about service this weekend by constantly receiving it. We have been so blessed by our good associations here.

I was able to come home for a few hours yesterday and whip up a birthday dinner for Daniel and bring it to him and our friends. His dinner request this year was--pot roast, cream cheese corn, cheesy mashed potatoes and gravy, and blondies with ice cream and caramel sauce. And a heart attack, apparently.  When I brought the dinner over (in the rain, with a still-screaming June), Daniel was up and walking BY HIMSELF. It was so great.

We came home last night and have been sleeping ever since.

Happy Birthday, Daniel. May this weekend not be an omen for the whole year. Haha.


  1. wow! that is crazy!! i'm glad he's walking again -- did the doctors know what was causing all the pain?? and i laughed out loud at your comment about people thinking it weird that you were taking pictures of the whole process. hahaha.

  2. i think that picture of daniel on the table needs to be on a commemorative t shirt. save daniel! only $35!
    i told ol' tom and he was nothing but sympathy. i think people who complain about back pain are such a drag. every party needs a pooper...

  3. Um, yes, that would have been such a horrible day. So sorry! Hope it doesn't happen again.

  4. This is so crazy! I thought the part about your back pain complaint was hilarious... Poor Daniel... poor June... poor Heather taking care of everyone with a baby in tow. Love it.

  5. Oh my gosh! Poor Daniel! Poor June! Poor you! Poor everyone! Bless those earthly angels for taking you guys in! I don't know what I would do if Nathan couldn't walk for a few days. I would probably crumple up and cry-- i rely on him so much at the end of pregnancy. Did Daniel find out what was wrong? A herniated disc? Such a bummer! So glad he is doing better!

  6. I thought "Happy barfday" was going to be a joke, but you really meant it! Sorry about all his back problems, but I'm not sorry you thought to take pictures of the whole thing! They really jazzed up the post!

    And I burst out laughing when you joked about having back pain. Maybe Daniel should have some more sympathy with what you're going through. :)