Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Heather Marie Photography

Today, we went out to lunch to celebrate Daniel's new job. After a series of many interviews, we were so grateful and excited to find out that Daniel had been chosen for a promotion within his company. This new job will mean a lot of changes for our family, as he will be traveling a lot more frequently, starting this summer.

I was in the mood for some Mexican food, specifically a Cafe Rio Salad. Since we definitely don't have those in Florida, we settled for our version, Tijuana Flats.

It was there I re-discovered my complete lack of talent for taking photos. Let me know if you would ever like me to take your family photos for you. I guarantee a job badly done, with terrible lighting and out-of-focus subjects.

In case you couldn't tell, the three pictures above are of Daniel.

I laughed so hard I was crying at the outcome of these shots of June.

I can't take all of the credit for how bad these were. That girl won't stay still for anything, was a total mess by her own doing and cannot maintain a NON-snotty nose to save her life.

I mean, really, are there worse photos in existence? She is such a cute girl, and these pics do her no justice.

The only decent photo:

Cookie dough floutas. Sounded good, but overall not my favorite. Don't worry, though, I still managed to finish my share.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. hahahaha! those top three pictures are awesomely terrible! :)

  2. Best post ever!!!!!! The kirby of posts!

  3. Often your photos are so terrible I've wondered if I've needed to step in and say something just for the sake of your posterity.

    1. But the first step to solving a problem is recognizing that you have one. Thanks for sharing. I laughed until I cried.

  4. I love this and am absolutely the same way!!