Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hot Pregnant Date Night

Daniel's birthday is coming up, and nothing makes him happier than seeing a movie at the actual movie theater. I feel like we talk about doing this A LOT and then actually do it twice a year--once at Christmas and once for his birthday. He always picks a superhero movie for his birthday, and he had his pick of them this month. We went to see The Amazing Spiderman. It wasn't amazing, but it was okay. And it was 140 minutes long . . . ouch.

This is how a 30-week pregnant woman does the movies.

You can't tell by this photo, but I hadn't washed my hair for six days. And yes, I had been to the gym a few times in there. Do you still want to be friends? Do you want to take me out in public? Are you impressed with Daniel now more than ever? Because he was totally still happy to take me out into the world.

Another sign of Daniel's love. He splurged for the largest size drink so that I could have as much ice as possible. Ice during pregnancy = love. Every few days, Daniel brings home a huge bag of ice from the store. It's better than Valentine's Day. Ice has been my biggest pregnancy craving with both June and now this baby. I LOVE IT.

Here is my gigantic cup.

Of course, being pregnant, plus eating 923874372 ice cubes in a 140 minute period, means plenty of bathroom breaks. I was quite proud of myself for only having to waddle out two times. I don't think I missed much of the movie, mostly because I didn't like the movie. Unfortunately, however, I did accidentally enter the men's room upon my first exit. It took my seeing the urinals to get a clue. Upon leaving that bathroom, I was greeted by many people walking by the men's room at that exact moment, and I had to say something really witty like, "Don't go in THERE unless you're a MAN."

I don't have a picture of it, but I had to stretch out my legs a lot at the movies. I have a really bad version of Restless Legs Syndrome when I am pregnant. And yes, that is a real thing. My legs jump so much, especially when I'm sitting in a chair with not a lot of space in front of it, like in a movie theater. But I also get these jumpy legs every night when I am settling into bed. The only thing that helps it is if I flex my legs a lot until the point that they start to get a charley horse. Then I flex my feet backward to stop the charley horse spasm and my leg relaxes a bit after releasing that flexed energy. It's kind of terrible, but not the worst thing. And luckily, last time it went away right after delivering June.

I know I have written a lot about being pregnant lately, and I'll stop. That's part of the reason I hadn't blogged in awhile anyway, because I didn't want to just blog about pregnancy because that gets old for people. And I'm a bit sensitive about its effects on me anyway. I will say that a man at church today decided to point out how huge my belly is, and now he's scared for his life. I feel bad that I reacted so badly but feel worse that I let it get me into a bad mood all day. Because that's just dumb.

We also went swimming with friends this weekend. Afterward, we had a spaghetti dinner at their house. June really got into the spaghetti.  You know you have true friends when they don't care that your child is eating at their table with no clothes on. Free for all!

And now, a video by June. Her hair is crazy, but she sure is cute. You can see the genetic link back to me when she trips over nothing halfway through. What can I say? I taught her everything she knows.


  1. And that was my verification code for my last comment.

    You are beautiful.
    I'm glad you taught june that move. Her place in sunshine generation is secured.

  2. hahahaha. my newest best friend is Treseme brand dry shampoo. NOT the new version of it, but the old one. I stock up on it whenever I see it. its the version for fine hair and i swear it extends me having to shower and shampoo my hair by at least 3 or 4 days (possibly even longer). hahaha. scott laughs at me because every night before bed I spray my hair to let it do its magic overnight. :) i hate restless leg syndrome. i don't get it a TON, but when i do it's the most annoying, drives me crazy kind of thing ever. i've heard people say that eating a banana (maybe the potassium?) helps, but i have no idea if that is really true.

  3. I wish we could all eat spaghetti naked. Save me some stain remover. I love that the second the ice dispenser broke at the yellow house, we all worried about you.

  4. i pretty much had that exact ice-filled movie date while i was pregnant with my son. being pregnant is PRE-TTY glamorous, isn't it?
    PS I love your blog, and I'm glad you're back!