Tuesday, May 20, 2014

House Shopping

Before you get any big ideas from the title, you should know that I have been house shopping my entire life. I am just one of those people who loves to look at houses, whether I am buying or not. Daniel and I do hope to put down roots and buy a house in the near future, but don't have any definite plans for right now.

However, that doesn't stop me from house shopping. Do you house shop?

I was raised in a family of house shoppers. Meaning mostly my mom and my sister are big house shoppers. I remember as a kid my mom would often take me to see new neighborhoods being built, and we would talk excitedly about which house we would pick. My mom's famous line during this activity is, "I'll take that one." She says it so casually, as if she just happened to bring along a sack of cash in the backseat. Or, if we are in a particularly nice neighborhood, she says, "I'll take ANY of these" which she says as if people are ready to dump their million dollar homes into our laps.

When any of us Beck girls visits each other, it's not uncommon to plan stops through neighborhoods on the way to running other errands or finding time to look at a house that the hostess has been wanting to discuss. Heidi and I often run through our dream neighborhoods (highly unattainable unless we take up bank robbery) or what I call "someday" neighborhoods (more likely, but not for at least ten years). We discuss what we do or don't like about the houses, if they have enough space between them and their neighbors (a dealbreaker for Beck gals) and whether or not a particular model is just "too much garage" in front.

Daniel, on the other hand, does not appreciate the game that is house hunting. I have dragged him along a few times, and he doesn't understand why we are doing it if we aren't really going to buy one. Daniel is quick and decisive. The world is his grocery store. He wants to pick up some milk, he picks up some milk. He wants to buy a house--he will go out a find a house he likes in 3 hours. So I try not to drag him on too many of my excursions.

So this morning ended up being such a perfect morning for me.

I didn't have time to run to the gym before I did some visiting teaching visits, so I packed up some water and the stroller, and June and I went on a quick walk before my first visit. The lady I visit lives in a great neighborhood, with new houses being built all of the time. I'm partial to neighborhoods that are a bit older, but I love to look at new ones too. My first visit ended up having to cancel, and June and I just kept walking through neighborhoods.

Normally May in Florida is pretty hot, but we were lucky to find ourselves in 70 degree weather. Still plenty of humidity, but we were fine.

Here is June with all of the essentials--water, goldfish crackers and Elmo.

I didn't take any pictures of houses, because I thought people would see me and be creeped out.

But I did take pictures of the scenery. We moved here from Vegas, so I am extremely appreciative of the green that is EVERYWHERE here. Florida. Is. Beautiful.

And of course I loved the space between these houses. And, again, so pretty!

And June was SUPER excited to see cows.

And to play peek a boo.

We ended up walking for close to two hours. It was awesome.

After much deliberation, I came to the same conclusion my mom often did. "I'll take any of these!"

Tell me, do you house shop?


  1. Beautiful!! My parents love to house shop, and we once drove my cousins into a posh neighborhood pretending our new home was there... we sure fooled them.

  2. I don't house shop, but I do look at fancy houses and think "I would live there". Which, when you put it that way, is actually house shopping.

  3. i love all the green, too! i don't necessarily house shop, but i do LOVE running through pretty neighborhoods and enjoying the scenery and ambience. :)

  4. Listen. The space between houses is a conundrum I face all the time. Where we live, houses are like, 20 feet apart. Maybe less, I'm super bad at judging space, but I'm sure it's not more than 20 feet. And like, 2,500 square foot houses! WHY would you want to look over in a space that's smaller than your living room and see your neighbors? People in Houston must be major creepers. That's the only explanation I have.