Monday, June 16, 2014

I AM Grateful, Darn it!

Heather Jolley, Pity Party For One! Every party has a pooper; that's why you invited me, PARTY POOPER!!!! (GEORGE BAHNKS! name the movie).

Though I have been determined since the beginning of this pregnancy to be one of those girls who runs the entire pregnancy and lifts heavier weights than ever and the girl who doesn't let anything in this pregnancy hold her back, I have been humbled to the dust. Pregnancy hurts, folks.

I am approaching 35 weeks am feeling large and in charge. And exhausted. And tired of going to the bathroom (6 times during church yesterday). And I have found myself talking about my woes A LOT. As I was talking about my aches and pains at a ward beach party this past Saturday, I found myself getting very irritated with an annoying voice I heard over and over again. Suddenly, I realized it was MY voice, droning on and on in a negative tone. Whiny voices are the worst, right? As Daniel and I walked to the car, I told him that I was sick of hearing myself complain and that I was going to start telling myself to SHUT UP already.

And then I started thinking about gratitude. Frankly, I have SO MUCH to be grateful for.

1. First off, I am grateful for FREE STUFF. Like this recliner:


This recliner is disgusting. And sad. And old. And needs to be thrown away. Big time. It came free with a couch we bought off Craigslist. At that time, it had only started to peel its fabric and was no big deal. Now, it is worse than a shedding dog, and I am constantly vacuuming around it. So we are going to throw it away. But I am grateful for it because when Daniel threw out his back a few weeks ago, this was the only chair he could sit in that felt comfortable while he was working from home. It was a huge lifesaver. Thank you, gross and disgusting chair! We are still going to throw you out, but I will think of you somewhat fondly after you are gone.

More free stuff. My friend Nicole gave June a bunch of headbands her daughter has outgrown. I didn't know how June would react to the headbands, but she LOVES them. They have provided hours of entertainment. She picks up a headband, puts it on, runs to the mirror and then gasps and exclaims "SO PRETTY!" That sort of self-confidence cannot be learned; it's innate. haha.

June likes to wear her headbands a la Cinderella, covering her ears.

As seen here:

2. Friends. I have the best dang friends in the universe.

First off, my friend Linz sent me the best baby shower present ever. Something for ME! Sandals from Nine West I have been coveting ever since she visited Florida and we went shopping at the outlets together. I looked at these shoes, tried them on, envisioned what I could wear them with and then left them at the store, telling myself I would be proud of myself for not buying them. How wrong I was! These shoes were the "one(s) that got away." Since that trip, I have kicked myself (barefoot, of course--no shoes!) because of how many things I own that would look great with them. Linz was my listening ear as I told her of my woes. Next thing I know she had found the shoes at an outlet in Vegas and sent them to me. That is true friendship. Now if I can just get June to let me borrow them sometime . . .

And I have a lot of other great friends too. Just recently, I hosted a little play date at the pool at my complex. The sky looked terrible that day, and my friend Kristin kept worrying it was going to rain. I still made us forge ahead to the pool to swim. We were not in the pool .05 seconds before it started storming, and we were at least a ten minute walk back to the apartment (longer if you consider that we had three 2-year olds with us and a newborn). The laundry facility next to the pool was locked, and of course I didn't have a key. We found that the men's bathroom was unlocked and took up residence there for awhile. My friend Cari, mother of the newborn with us, needed to nurse so Kristin ran back out in to the rain to get a pool chair for Cari to sit in and nurse. We all unpacked our kids' lunches and shared our food and tried to prevent the kids from eating grapes that had fallen onto the floor of the men's room. With little success. The kids were like ferocious animals over the goldfish crackers I brought, and we had several crying fits to deal with. Bleah. We weathered the storm, and I felt such a kinship with these girls who would laugh at this situation with me.

Looking scared and alone in the corner of the men's room.

 They are thinking--"That Heather sure knows how to throw a party!"

Cari holding her newborn and trying to comfort her 2 year old. Behold my future.

3. June. Being alone together (oxymoron) all day, June and I kind of drive each other nuts. That being said, she is my favorite companion (besides Daniel), and we have a blast together.

She loves swimming. And we go a lot. So much so, that whenever we get home from any errand, she thinks we are going swimming and thus runs into her room, takes off her clothes and attempts to put her swimming suit on.

I am glad she likes swimming. It is my main activity during Florida summers.

She even let me put a full-fledged pony tail in her hair recently. She was my date to a baby shower. The pony tail was done for by the time we reached the party, but at least I have documented proof that it actually happened.

What a doll.

And last, but DEFINITELY not least:

4. Daniel. What a flipping stud. I love this man. Kissy kissy!

I haven't been sleeping too well due to restless legs and heartburn, so my Father's Day started at 3 a.m. I meandered around the apartment, read a few things and then finally put breakfast in the oven.

Baked French Toast. Not very good, actually. But Daniel kept smiling and saying, "I like it." Not--"I LIKE IT!!!" but "I like it." Which was how I knew he didn't really like it. But at least he tried to fake it.

By the time breakfast was done and we were ready for church, I was ready to go back to bed. But I didn't! 

Here is the man of the day:

He can tie his tie, even when a blurry photo is being taken!!

He puts up with a ridiculous amount of obnoxiousness!!

I love him!

There's the update. 


  1. I am grateful for YOU! You listen to me whine all day as well, and I'm blessed to have you in my life, albeit thousands of miles away. Those sandals are hot snot. As are you. And June.

  2. hahahaha! i love to read your updates. you beck girls just have an innate hilariousness. THAT can't be learned. :)

  3. I kept this up in my browser just to remind myself to reread. Haaaaaaa. Like Fran drescher.