Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday with a Side of Crazy

This morning, I was woken up at 5:30 a.m. by a frazzled husband speaking the following frazzled words:

“Heather, I woke up with pink eye, and I need medicine, and I can’t stay home from church because I have to give my talk and I have to get medicine before I fly out to Chicago this afternoon, and the printer isn’t working, and I need to print out some stuff for my talk, and I think June took my debit card out of my wallet, and I can’t find it anywhere.”

Good morning! I jumped out of bed and started trying to help resolve problems immediately. I fixed the printer problem, looked up urgent care clinics and hours, whipped up breakfast and searched for the missing debit card. Search on that one still pending. We know it’s here, but where? June loves a good game of hiding important stuff.

Pink eye is a problem we seem to encounter frequently. I blame myself honestly, because I always wear my contacts longer than I should, and Daniel has followed my example since he started wearing contacts a year ago. I hereby resolve to throw away my contacts every two weeks like I am supposed to! This time wasn't just typical pink eye, though. I swear Daniel’s eye was the brightest red I have ever seen. I contemplated taking a picture, but it was just painful to even look at.

One thing I have learned with contacts and with many things in life is that sometimes you really do get what you pay for. The other thing I have learned is that I love a good list-making activity. Sometimes when my bff Linz and I are bored, we will come up with lists for things like “All the restaurants we would eat at if we were to go on a trip together” or “Trendy foods we don’t understand people liking” or “The Top Ten Worst Date Activities Ever.” It is great fun. So I now invite you to join in on making a list with me called “Things that are Worth Spending Extra Money On.” The first one for today is name brand contact solution. Ever since I started using it, my eyes have looked and felt so much better. Daniel has been using some generic stuff we had leftover, but I think he will now convert to the good stuff.

Don’t get me wrong—I am a total cheapo who loves buying generic brand things. But some things aren’t worth it. Like hair elastics. Once I bought these:

And now I can’t go back. They are the best and feel good in my hair. What do you think is worth the extra money? And what do you think is better generic? For example, I buy Sam’s Club diapers for June. Every time I buy Huggies or Pampers, I am disappointed.

Wow, that was really off topic. Back to my frazzled morning. Daniel finally got all of his talk stuff together and a few addresses for urgent care clinics he could visit after Sacrament Meeting but before he had to board his flight and then he was ready to head off to his early morning meetings. I woke up June, and she threw the WORST tantrum in the history of tantrums. And I have read the book History of Tantrums, so I would know.

I was even more frazzled by this point, but did not forget the many requests I have had for pregnancy pictures. I have successfully avoided posting (or even taking) any pregnancy photos thus far, but have reached 35 weeks and no longer care much. So here is the moment you have been waiting for. The big reveal.

Haha. Fooled you! Ok so maybe you wanted to actually see The Bump. Here goes.

 Whoa Nelly, Belly!

And straight on...

Isn’t this dress awfully good? It’s clearly crazy and terrible, but so much so that I actually like it. I bought this dress at Ross before I was even pregnant with June. It caught my attention, and I couldn’t get away from it. It’s like chocolate cereal—so gross and yet so good. And it has been one of the few dresses I can wear when I’m not pregnant but also when I am 9 months pregnant. The swirl on my belly serves as a sort of snake charmer. People in the halls at church try to look away and yet can’t resist being entranced by it. It’s my belly’s way of hypnotizing people into bringing me bowls of ice cream without my uttering a single word.

Plus, I always think one should be prepared, and if I ever get invited to attend a singles cruise for ages 50+, I am wearing this baby. (Not the belly, the dress.)

And here is my impression of The Obnoxious Selfie everyone seems to be taking these days.

Anyway, between the pink eye/debit card/printer/tantrum filled crazy morning, by the time I got to church, I was ready for bed. I play the organ for my ward, and it took me halfway through the opening song to realize that I was playing the music in cut time. (Imagine singing “The Day Dawn is Breaking” as fast as you can. Invigorating!) I finally slowed myself down so at least the Sacrament hymn was reverent though.

Primary was a whirlwind of activity, and when I picked up June from nursery, the leaders kindly let me know that it had not been her best day. I was letting all of these little, unimportant things really get to me, and I was feeling kind of crazy.

When I got home from church, I found myself reading the following quote about hope. It is taken from the LDS church’s missionary manual, Preach My Gospel. It says:

"Hope is an abiding trust that the Lord will fulfill His promises to you. It is manifest in confidence, optimism, enthusiasm, and patient perseverance. It is believing and expecting that something will occur. When you have hope, you work through trials and difficulties with the confidence and assurance that all things will work together for your good. Hope helps you conquer discouragement. The scriptures often describe hope in Jesus Christ as the assurance that you will inherit eternal life in the celestial kingdom."

It really made me stop and think. Anyone who knows me knows that I do NOT handle stress well. At all. When Daniel told me he had pink eye, my first thought was, “Well you CAN’T!" closely followed by “How much is this going to cost?” We had just discussed finances and our budget the night before, which resulted in great resolve in both of us to do a better job of saving money, and now MY PLAN WAS RUINED.

I rarely see a problem and think, “Well okay. We can work through this. It will all work out.”

Realizing this, I turned to Daniel and said, “I’m a hopeless disciple.” He looked shocked and said, “No, you are NOT!” I quickly explained what I really meant—not that my case is hopeless. Because it isn’t. The Savior suffered so that we can all be saved. There is definitely hope for everyone! But what I meant is that I, me personally, my mental state, is one that doesn’t hope for things that I should. That I need to learn HOW to hope. I read the quote out loud to him, and he started laughing and admitted he could see my point. That quote is pretty much the opposite approach I have to handling things. Daniel is always asking me to calm down and deal with problems rationally.

It made think that true hope is the kind of peaceful reassurance we can obtain when things aren’t going right. That we can obtain a certain comfort in the constant discomfort that comes from living in an imperfect world full of adversity. I am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ that teaches me to reach above myself and how I react to things naturally and to put my trust in Him and to learn how to react to hard situations better. Not that pink eye is a HUGE problem. But just an example.

Wow, did this post just turn serious or what? I just felt like I needed to get it out there. Please feel free to add any thoughts you may have.

And lastly, a pic of June with the latest Winn Dixie ad. Buy one, get one free pot roast? The girl knows a good deal.


  1. this is just what i needed to read tonight! {all of it :) }. also, i kind of love that dress. and your sunday was even crazier than mine, so you should get a trophy. hahaha.

  2. oh and i just remembered you asked about the kitchenaid mixer on my last post. the answer? i love it. i would totally recommend it. its obviously something one can live without, but i don't really LIKE living without it. ya know? :)

  3. Opening hymn in cut time? I don't know why but that made me laugh so hard.
    And you look sooooooo good. Really. Blanche Devereux from golden girls would not look half as good in that dress. Plus, your face looks especially lovely.
    And I will never go back to cheap contact solution, cheap razors or cheap haircuts. Bc being ugly is a choice.

  4. Haircuts/color, goody ouchless!, Kraft Mac & Cheese, salsa, cheese, soup, nail polish, shampoo, and chocolate! The cut time comment really cracked me up! June is adorable. You are stunning. Seriously beautiful. I LOVE that dress. I love you. The end.

  5. I wish more of our Sacrament songs were played faster! I'd rather sing "As Now We Take The Sacrament" too fast than "There Is Sunshine in My Soul Today" too slow. Because nothing kills the sunshine in my soul than a song that drags on forever!
    Don't you love it when a quote you read lines up perfectly with what you need to hear? Especially when it's not from Pinterest.
    Chocolate and electronics are always worth paying the name brands for. But chocolate in any form (mostly) is still a win.
    And Heidi's "Bc being ugly is a choice" killed me! You girls are hilarious. And I love your dress! And I feel the need to comment on everything in this post! Because I loved it all!

  6. I do not handle stress well either. Its the worst! For some reason, thinking about you stressed out made me think of our first day together in Iasi when you simultaneously tried to lean on the kitchen table, but missed and fell, and drooled while talking. I knew immediately I would love you forever. You are the best. Also, you look FABULOUS! Nobody should look that good when they are pregnant! And June is adorable! Sometimes when my June throws a fit it gives me comfort to think that you might have a screaming June right at that moment too. Its the little things! xoxo