Friday, July 18, 2014

Dance With Meeeeeee....I Want to Be Your Partner!!!

This week has been tear-your-hair out boring. Baby Girl has decided to sit right on my sciatic nerve, and I have been unable to walk much. Some days we have been able to get out, and some days we haven't.

I always think staying at home sounds like such a relaxing thing to do, but those days are always the roughest for us. June and I need more structure than that. Anyone else?

At any given time, you could find June in just a diaper (don't judge--it's HOTT in Florida, ya'll), just rolling around in a blanket out of sheer boredom. Yikes.

Or watching copious amounts of t.v.

Daniel and I are those really cool types that love vintage things, as can be seen in our choice of television. We are so retro chic.

So I'm being induced tomorrow. Daniel worked from home today so that he could help me run errands to prep for the big arrival. He originally went to help me in case my back started acting up like it has been, but he eventually served a different purpose--dealing with Hurricane June.

June's tantrums have reached otherworldly proportions. She has normal tantrums, and then she has what we call the June Special. Screaming like a banshee, flinging herself from grocery carts, casting spells on passersby, it can be a bit much to handle. She even screamed NOOOOO! when I tried to give her a free cookie from the bakery. WHAT? That is no child of mine!

It is during these moments that I start to whimper a little bit and wonder how I am going to handle shopping with two children. It honestly scares me to death. (BTW, I know a lot of you have many more than 2 children. Try not to laugh as you read about my wimpiness.)

But Daniel saved the day. He took June outside the store for a walk while I finished the shopping. Just as they exited, the song "Dance with Me" by Orleans came on, and it perfectly fit in with my mood. For the first time in a really long time, I was shopping by myself! Normally I just make a mad dash down all of the aisles  throwing things in as fast as possible. But today, I could honestly compare prices without worrying about my screaming child! I could make decisions! I could think! I was in love . .  with being by myself! I was dancing down the aisles with a huge kid-friendly Publix cart (the kind that looks like a car that they get to drive)--with no kid! Haha! Loved. It. And I ate her free cookie from the bakery.

I really wanted to go up to a random stranger within earshot of Daniel and say, "Did you see that man with that crazy child? Why can't people control their children?" and then laugh and run away. But I didn't. I'm maturing.

Pray for us tomorrow. I'm actually really nervous. I love my Junie. I know I will love this child. But the honest truth is that babies kind of scare me. Haha. And childbirth definitely scares me.

Here's to having more children that I probably won't dress!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tortured Artists

Another evening and here I am suffering for my art. Actually, I would never be up in a million years at 3:42 AM to write a blog post. Never. Sleep is too precious to me.

However, Baby Girl No. 2 is SO HUNGRY and needs to eat RIGHT NOW. I swear this girl is a fighter. She has the appetite of a champion. When I deliver her (sometime this week or next!!), she is going to take one look at my paltry bosoms and request a steak dinner instead.

Speaking of art, June has become quite the artist as of late. She loves to scribble all over everything and also loves to make requests for me to draw monkeys, dogs, cats, houses, horses, cars and bears. I love that she appreciates my terrible drawings. Makes me feel good!

Daniel's art is food. I do most of the cooking around here, and I don't mind. But every once in awhile I get bogged down with work deadlines and swollen feet, and D-Man takes over. And when he does, he puts me to shame. He is a low maintenance man to please, which is good because I am not a good cook. But when he takes the reigns, he really takes the time to do a good job. What a novel thought. For example, last night he made hamburgers. Buns made from scratch. I make my buns from scratch too (insert your favorite "bun" joke here), but mine are lumpy and gross (insert away), but Daniel really takes the time to have perfect, fluffy yet firm buns (man, I am just handing these golden opportunities to you).


He seasoned the patties to perfection and even had a vegetable. What a guy.

June's verdict?

Trying it . . .


(and yes, she still eats in the bumbo. hates the high chair.)

I appreciate June's approach to life. We should all just kick back, take a swig and let it all hang out just a little bit more.

Ahh life.

Also, Daniel's mom sent June her own baby to take care of. She loves this baby. The baby needs to be fed and even cries. The first time she cried, June just started screaming "NOOOOOO!!!" She learned that from me.

She loves feeding her baby and putting her to bed. Or just tossing her on the floor. Or carrying her by her neck. Or her ankle. So sweet.

Favorite line of the day:
"Maybe the baby won't stop crying because her leg is bent up behind her back." --Daniel

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Good-bye, Nasty Chair

Sometimes I wonder why it takes me so long to get rid of junk. Or to stop bad habits. I can think of several situations in my life where I kept putting off the inevitable and then felt SO MUCH BETTER afterward. Like going to the dentist. Whenever I move, it seems to take me forever to schedule an appointment. And the truth is--I love having my teeth cleaned! I floss three or four times a day!

So anyway, I guess I'm just saying I want to develop more of a "Rip off the Band-aid attitude" toward life. Get things done!

Which brings me to our recliner. I have blogged about this chair before. It has had its shining and redemptive moments. But mostly it's just been gross. Its material is all ripping off and sheds all over the carpet. It came free with a couch we bought off Craigslist. But free doesn't always mean good. Which is a mentality I have been trying to change. I don't need more stuff in my life just for the sake of having stuff! Who is with me?

Some friends in our ward were trying to get rid of a glider and ottoman and offered it to us. The only place we had room for it is in the corner where the recliner sat. This was just the push I needed--a deadline!  We had to have it cleared out before they brought the glider over.

Breaking down the chair.

What I had to vacuum up every day we owned the recliner. I don't need that in my life!

New glider.


And lastly . . . how cute is this? June loves dressing up in nursery. Here she is wearing five different costumes.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Good Thing They are Worth It

I am exceedingly uncomfortable and can never sleep. When I DO fall asleep, it's only for a couple of hours and then I am up again to use the bathroom. And then I spend an inordinate amount of time flexing and unflexing my legs, trying to stop my Restless Leg Syndrome. I find myself at 2 AM watching really stupid tv, like Everybody Loves Raymond. I love me some Raymond, but I have seen every episode a million times, and I get sick of hearing Debra call Raymond an idiot, even though he totally is one.

Daniel is a doll and tries to help me sleep but it always backfires. If I fall asleep in front of a movie (if? WHEN.), he always tries to move himself and the movie into another room so that I can rest. In doing so, he slides me off his arm and wakes me up.

Or one night I fell asleep reading on our couch and he came to get me and move me into our bedroom. I was so sad when he woke me up, though he had the best intentions. Then it became a rule: Don't wake the beast.

June's delivery kind of ruined me for my other babies. I dilated to 3 cm at 37 weeks. My water broke at 38 weeks and I think I felt one contraction before the epidural kicked in. I pushed 3 times, and she was out. I keep telling myself that having your water break and that a baby coming on her own and early is not the norm. Though the baby has totally dropped and is sitting right on my pelvis (and my nerve, thankyouverymuch), I have hardly begun to dilate and my cervix is not doing its thang. I feel like everyone I know carries babies way long, and I keep telling myself to be prepared for the long haul.

That hasn't stopped me from thinking every little thing is my going into labor. This week I had June on a swim diaper on my lap, and she peed all over me. I shouted, "My water broke!!!" (BTW, what is with swim diapers? They keep the poop in but not the pee? I do not understand.) The same day, walking to the pool, my swim bag started dripping because of a leaky water bottle, and my friend and I both freaked out again.

So basically I'm a tired zombie who walks funny and is super cranky. Do you want to come visit? Haha.

Good thing babies are so dang cute. Came across this photo of June the other day. 6 months old and the cutest bug in the whole world.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

It's the final countdown. But, in order to pass the time, we have been trying to swim as much as possible. Once this baby comes, I feel like my summer is OVER. In a good way, but still. OVER.

Though, we do live in Florida, and I could probably swim through October. So maybe not OVER. But very much at a STANDSTILL. But the word STANDSTILL doesn't seem quite as dramatic in caps, so let's just say . . .

My summer is about to be OVER.

So recently, some friends and I went out for a "last hurrah" dinner. One of my friends asked me, "What is the one thing you want to do before you have this baby?" And I tried to think of something exotic, but I knew what the true answer was. Go to the beach. We have beaches all around us so maybe it's not that exciting to some people, but it still is SO exciting to me.

Swimming is one of my favorite activities. Whenever a friend invited me over to swim growing up, I was always in the pool as long as they would let me stay. As a Young Single Adult, I remember going to numerous pool parties where these cool professional single people would stand next to the pool and talk and never get in. Suddenly, actually swimming was no longer cool. But I was still that girl in the pool, swimming by herself.

Sometimes we get invited to someone's private pool here in Florida, and they are waterlogged after 45 minutes. And so everyone gets out, and I feel like I should get out too. Daniel is the same as I. We always look at each other like, "Aw ma, do I have to get out already?" and then remind ourselves that we are adults and need to be somewhat socially acceptable.

So when I told Daniel we have to swim as many days a week as we can and go to the beach at least once a week before this baby comes, he very easily agreed to comply.

The beaches here are gorgeous. White sand. Really warm water. June loves it. She loves it too much. She has no fear of the water, so we are constantly fighting her from just putting her head in the water without holding her breath.

I clearly have no shame. Big pregnant belly at the beach? Sure, why not. The way this belly is growing, I am sure that swimsuit top will be a bikini top by the end of the week.

There is a man who is 923847 years old in our complex who lays out at our pool every single day. He is crazy tan. I call him Leather Couch. Looking at this picture makes me think I am getting too tan. Protect your skin, people!

Another favorite. On the way home from our beach outings, we always get frosties from Wendy's. Now I'm a hard scoop ice cream girl myself. But frosties have a special place in my heart because growing up my grandma would always take us to get them when she visited us. So they taste like childhood. And now that they offer the option of a waffle cone, it's childhood . . . in a waffle cone! What better combination! Please ignore Daniel's vanilla frosty. He doesn't understand the blasphemy that is vanilla.

We had some friends invite us up to their condo on the beach for the 4th of July. It was heaven on earth. The beaches are incredibly crowded on holidays, but they had access to a private beach, and it was totally peaceful. Plus, there was a private pool too. So we relaxed in the pool once we were done being sandy. This was June within 3 minutes of putting her in the car at the end of that day.

Where are her clothes, you might ask? We don't believe in them. Or we don't believe in ever packing everything we need. Even common sense things like clothes. Just be glad she had a diaper, ok?

Another favorite . . .

This girl in these sunglasses. She wore them for our Fourth of July breakfast at church. Adorable.

Another favorite . . .

The Fourth of July. I get choked up every single time I hear the national anthem. Or meet a veteran. Or think about how blessed we are to live in this country. We are so blessed.

More favorites . . .

These brownies. From scratch. Which is a huge deal for me because I always thought that brownies from the box were better. Plus, I am a terrible baker. My cookies always run together. But this recipe is the bizness. Make it.

1 cup butter
2 cups white sugar
4 eggs
2 tsp vanilla extract
2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 cup flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking powder.

Preheat oven to 350. Melt butter in saucepan and then add remaining ingredients. Pour into greased and floured 9 x 13 pan. Bake for 25 minutes.

There is a frosting that goes with it too, but it doesn't need it. And you know I have never said that before. So that means these brownies are GOOD.

One last favorite...

(Sorry for the blurry image; it's the only one I could find online.) Do you ever feel like your scripture study is a bit stale? I do. The scriptures are awesome, and I know the problem is me, not them. I am not the best scripture reader, but I want to become better. Reading the Book of Mormon along with this study guide provided by the Church has been a lifesaver. There are tons of quotes from the prophets and apostles and other church leaders to go along with every chapter of the Book of Mormon. I love the Book of Mormon even more now because of this awesome study guide. Maybe you would enjoy it too!

Please drop a line with some of your recent faves.