Friday, July 18, 2014

Dance With Meeeeeee....I Want to Be Your Partner!!!

This week has been tear-your-hair out boring. Baby Girl has decided to sit right on my sciatic nerve, and I have been unable to walk much. Some days we have been able to get out, and some days we haven't.

I always think staying at home sounds like such a relaxing thing to do, but those days are always the roughest for us. June and I need more structure than that. Anyone else?

At any given time, you could find June in just a diaper (don't judge--it's HOTT in Florida, ya'll), just rolling around in a blanket out of sheer boredom. Yikes.

Or watching copious amounts of t.v.

Daniel and I are those really cool types that love vintage things, as can be seen in our choice of television. We are so retro chic.

So I'm being induced tomorrow. Daniel worked from home today so that he could help me run errands to prep for the big arrival. He originally went to help me in case my back started acting up like it has been, but he eventually served a different purpose--dealing with Hurricane June.

June's tantrums have reached otherworldly proportions. She has normal tantrums, and then she has what we call the June Special. Screaming like a banshee, flinging herself from grocery carts, casting spells on passersby, it can be a bit much to handle. She even screamed NOOOOO! when I tried to give her a free cookie from the bakery. WHAT? That is no child of mine!

It is during these moments that I start to whimper a little bit and wonder how I am going to handle shopping with two children. It honestly scares me to death. (BTW, I know a lot of you have many more than 2 children. Try not to laugh as you read about my wimpiness.)

But Daniel saved the day. He took June outside the store for a walk while I finished the shopping. Just as they exited, the song "Dance with Me" by Orleans came on, and it perfectly fit in with my mood. For the first time in a really long time, I was shopping by myself! Normally I just make a mad dash down all of the aisles  throwing things in as fast as possible. But today, I could honestly compare prices without worrying about my screaming child! I could make decisions! I could think! I was in love . .  with being by myself! I was dancing down the aisles with a huge kid-friendly Publix cart (the kind that looks like a car that they get to drive)--with no kid! Haha! Loved. It. And I ate her free cookie from the bakery.

I really wanted to go up to a random stranger within earshot of Daniel and say, "Did you see that man with that crazy child? Why can't people control their children?" and then laugh and run away. But I didn't. I'm maturing.

Pray for us tomorrow. I'm actually really nervous. I love my Junie. I know I will love this child. But the honest truth is that babies kind of scare me. Haha. And childbirth definitely scares me.

Here's to having more children that I probably won't dress!


  1. 1. I love that song.
    2. Yesterday I only had one child in the car with me for about 5 minutes snd it was divine.
    3. Good luck tomorrow. Remember, pushing is like pooping and I know you can do that.

  2. 2b. That child was asleep. That's why it was so special.

  3. In regards to Heidi's #3, I must say I HOPE you can poop. Cause if you're like me during pregnancy, you CAN'T poop! Miralax--it's all about Miralax. AHHH! I'm so excited for you having another baby tomorrow! Totally wish I could be saying that. Of course only if the baby were at least another 14-18 weeks along. I hope you can sleep tonight. Good luck! And if you can't poop, push like you're constipated and then that girlie will be out in no time! Hooray for the Jolley's!!! Don't take too long to put pictures up!

  4. I am so excited for you!! Hurricane June is my favorite topic, and I can't wait to see how she and her baby sis get along! Good luck tomorrow! I'm praying for you every day! PS That song is awesome.

  5. i'm just now seeing this post! i hope everything has gone well with the newest arrival. :) you can DO this!