Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tortured Artists

Another evening and here I am suffering for my art. Actually, I would never be up in a million years at 3:42 AM to write a blog post. Never. Sleep is too precious to me.

However, Baby Girl No. 2 is SO HUNGRY and needs to eat RIGHT NOW. I swear this girl is a fighter. She has the appetite of a champion. When I deliver her (sometime this week or next!!), she is going to take one look at my paltry bosoms and request a steak dinner instead.

Speaking of art, June has become quite the artist as of late. She loves to scribble all over everything and also loves to make requests for me to draw monkeys, dogs, cats, houses, horses, cars and bears. I love that she appreciates my terrible drawings. Makes me feel good!

Daniel's art is food. I do most of the cooking around here, and I don't mind. But every once in awhile I get bogged down with work deadlines and swollen feet, and D-Man takes over. And when he does, he puts me to shame. He is a low maintenance man to please, which is good because I am not a good cook. But when he takes the reigns, he really takes the time to do a good job. What a novel thought. For example, last night he made hamburgers. Buns made from scratch. I make my buns from scratch too (insert your favorite "bun" joke here), but mine are lumpy and gross (insert away), but Daniel really takes the time to have perfect, fluffy yet firm buns (man, I am just handing these golden opportunities to you).


He seasoned the patties to perfection and even had a vegetable. What a guy.

June's verdict?

Trying it . . .


(and yes, she still eats in the bumbo. hates the high chair.)

I appreciate June's approach to life. We should all just kick back, take a swig and let it all hang out just a little bit more.

Ahh life.

Also, Daniel's mom sent June her own baby to take care of. She loves this baby. The baby needs to be fed and even cries. The first time she cried, June just started screaming "NOOOOOO!!!" She learned that from me.

She loves feeding her baby and putting her to bed. Or just tossing her on the floor. Or carrying her by her neck. Or her ankle. So sweet.

Favorite line of the day:
"Maybe the baby won't stop crying because her leg is bent up behind her back." --Daniel


  1. I'm guessing the ketchup burger belonged to Daniel. Also, June is my favorite! That bumbo! The hang-loose attitude! You have great buns and puns. June looks like she might be left-handed!! Welcome to the coolest club in the world, Junie!

    it seems like every blog you post, you have at least one critical comment in the comments section. so there you go.

  3. and BUNS! mine are lumpy too! and a bit crusty. especially after taco soup day.
    june's pontail's are perfect. the bangs frame her darling face perfectly.
    i can't wait to see your new baby and your artwork. piano was always your talent!
    zing! passive aggressive comment! i'm meeting all your commenting needs today!
    i can't wait to meet baby nora vera lynn.