Wednesday, March 23, 2016

More Tires.

The day we picked up our moving truck to move to Jacksonville, another one of the tires blew out on Daniel's car. It was actually on the way to pick up the moving truck, and we ended up driving the last mile of the journey with a car that was shaking like crazy. We are nothing if not adventurous. Or perhaps just unprepared.

At any rate, we replaced all of the tires on Dan's car. We originally just wanted to replace three since we had recently replaced one of the set, But the Tire Kingdom worker informed us that he had looked up the barcode on the tire we had recently just purchased, and it was actually nine years old. Yikes Bikes. So we replaced all of them.

It wasn't long before I started worrying about the tires on my own car. I had an oil change when we first moved here, and the mechanic told me that I needed new tires and fast. So I called around and found that Sam's Club had the best deal. The guy on the phone told me I could come down as early as 7 am the next day. I dropped June off at school at 8 and then headed over to Sam's Club, where I was then informed that since I was just a regular card member, they couldn't take my car until 10. So I drove back home.

After school, I drove my crew down there, and the girls had a blast in the tire department. 

And then the SC employee told me that he had been misinformed and that they actually did not have my tires in stock. Drat. We shopped around for other things and then as we were heading out, I realized that the SC employee had never given me back my keys. So I went to go get them. That's when June became unglued about the fact that we were leaving her favorite store.

She lay on the floor for a good 20 minutes, bawling her face off. I know how June operates, and I know to just wait until she's done. I do not coax her out of her fits because then she thinks it's okay to keep doing it. So I was waiting for her when an older lady walked up to her and told her, "If you do not get up off the floor and listen your mom right now, I'm going to paddle your butt!" The lady then proceeded to tell me what I was doing wrong with my child.

June started bawling harder, and I was shocked at this stranger's interference. I am not good at confrontation AT ALL, but I finally got the nerve to just say to the lady, "THANK YOU! HAVE A NICE DAY!" and she finally left.

June finished up her tantrum, and we headed out the door when I couldn't find my receipt that I had to show upon exiting the store. June and Gwen both started wailing, and I began to search for the receipt. Some angel lady ran up to me, saying that she had found a receipt and was it mine? It was, and I was reminded that there are always great people out there along with the ones that drive you nuts.

The next day, Gwen and I headed to Wal-Mart to get the tires there. While they were working on my car, we did a little shopping (because I seem to need something from the store every single day).

Suddenly, a Wal-Mart employee's voice announced over the intercom that everyone was to evacuate the building due to an emergency. All of the employees booked it out of there, and we customers just looked at each other in confusion. The lady on the intercom came back on and said, "EVERYONE, AND I MEAN EVERYONE, MUST EVACUATE NOW!!!" So we ran out of the store.

(I almost want to apologize for my bad photos, but really . . . you know me by now.)

All of the other customers got into their cars and left. But I couldn't. My car was being worked on, and they said it would be a long time before we could go back in.

So Gwen and I walked across the street to Marshall's where I actually found some knee-length shorts that fit me.

So the day wasn't a total loss.

After about an hour, the lady from the auto center called me and said that they had actually not started on my car when the evacuation started, so I could come to the side of the building and pick it up. 

We found out later that a Wal-Mart employee had been trying to get one of those huge pallets in the back down and had hit a gas line. Yikes.

I finally did get tires on my car a couple of days later. Fourth time is a charm!!! The Jolley cars both have brand new tires on--let's see how long they last with our good luck.


  1. You look so cute in that shorts picture. I have a similar looking pair of shorts and I love them. I've had similar problems with tires at Costco, where they thought they had my type of tire but really they didn't carry that sort at all.

  2. Tires are the worst. Charles also always gets tires with a certificate from America's Tire Co. The certificate is like $15 per tire, but if anything happens to the tire, they will replace it for free 99. Now that's what I'm talking about. It's like tire insurance- and has saved us some serious tire money in the last 2 years. Like last year, when a lady almost hit me, so I ran into a curb and took a chunk out of my tire.

    It's probably for the best that I don't yet have children. I can get pretty sassy when people make me mad.

  3. aaaaahhhhhh!!! so mad! i literally just typed out the longest blog comment ever, commiserating with your experience of strangers trying to discipline your children and telling you what you're doing wrong, and it got erased because grace had signed out of my account. those kids!!! hahaha. needless to say, you are not alone. it's nice knowing that there are others who experience misadventures on a regular basis. ;)

  4. Let me tell you something. I took those girls to Wal-mart and Sam's Club (just June that trip, actually) in Jax. I was yelled at for not disciplining them well enough from the bathroom stall next to me. I sweat. I cursed inside. I have never had your tire problems, so I don't know what that's like - but what I want to say is - even going through 1/2 of what you went through - I could never pull off how you look in those shorts and in general. You are a total dang BABE!!!! DANGGGG!

  5. Those shorts are awesome. I would have sat down and cried so many times that day lol. I'm so glad you finally got tires!!!

  6. The long and the shorts(punny) of it is that it's a tender mercy that you got those shorts. The Lord is roundabout like that sometimes.

  7. The long and the shorts(punny) of it is that it's a tender mercy that you got those shorts. The Lord is roundabout like that sometimes.