Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Many of you (all three of you) may know that Dan and I met over a flat tire he was fixing for me. I have blogged about this before (here and here), but that sweet beginning was also a sort of an ominous one in the way of our general bad luck with tires. My mom has told me several times that I need to write a book about my family adventures with the common thread of each of our tire mishaps, and I'm even working on some sort of horribly punny name for the book. Perhaps Our Tireless Love or Eternal Love Never Loses Traction or 'Tire'd But Still Hanging On By a Thread, which would probably be the most accurate. Please feel free to post your own submission in the comments section. We have never kept count, but I would say most years, we've had at least 3 flat tires if not more. And I really should learn to change one now.

We celebrated Christmas in Atlanta with Heidi's fam, and on our drive up, we felt our car start to shaaaaaaaake like crazy. On the freeway. It was exhilarating! All of you people with your newer and safer cars (each of ours is 15 years old) just don't know what you are missing. Live on the edge with us! Specifically the edge of the freeway where you must frequently stop to check on your car.

Anyway, it was Christmas Eve and we were in the middle of Nowhere, Georgia and were barely successful in pulling into a gas station just off the freeway exit. The door to the gas station was made out of poster board. Out of probably 15 shelves inside the gas station, only one had items for sale. Dan told the cashier about our mishap, and he told us that we were in luck because his friends had just opened a garage a few weeks before and would be happy to come down to the gas station to look at our car.

The men showed up, looking a bit rough. (I realize this makes me judgmental. You got me,) The first thing one of them said to us was, pointing to our girls, "Hey! I've got kids too!" This common ground gave us the bond we were hoping for. The men couldn't find anything wrong with our car and said that we needed to take it to their garage so that they could put it on the jack.

We followed them (shaaaaaaaking like crazy the whole way) into a neighborhood of abandoned houses. I joked with Dan, "Wouldn't it be hilarious if they pulled into one of these houses and said it was their shop?" And then they did. At which point, I sent this picture to my sister with the message, "In case I die, send police here."

I'm sure she didn't find that alarming at all.

We pulled into this abandoned house, which sure enough had also been a garage in a previous life, and the men explained how, even though it didn't look like much, they were trying to revive this garage. They they asked Dan if he had any tools, because they didn't have any. And luckily we did.

They jacked up the car, and sure enough, one of our tires was shredding on the inside. With how fast we were going on the freeway, we were lucky our car didn't flip over.

The girls and I spent the time the men worked on the car at another gas station which was next door to the garage. The gas station owner was VERY nice and gave the girls free treats, which I appreciated.

Poor things were still in their pajamas because we had left at 5 that morning. June was wearing her plastic Elsa heels, a practical choice while traveling.

This sign was in the window of the gas station, and I may embroider it on a pillow because I found it so wise.

At the conclusion of the new tire being put on, Dan asked the men how much we owed them. They said, "Let's see. That will be $70 for the tire and $50 for the labor. So $175." Dan started to argue, but I wanted to GET OUT OF THERE. Yes, we were overcharged big time. Yes, you can call me a chump. But I was a chump ready to get on with Christmas.

The rest of Christmas was perfect. I love the South. I love the weather here, the people here, and I love having Heidi's family close by. Apparently the coveted job of the week was taking care of Herschel.

And don't worry. I have two more tire stories to post since that last incident.


  1. Herschel is the best nap-taker in the world, apparently. I want to visit! I am actually surprised when you call me and you haven't had a flat tire that day. It might be time to switch to, like, tank wheels. I love your posts!!!!!!!!!!

  2. that is too funny! and for the record -- i would have also gladly overpaid just to get the heck out of there. hahaha. {p.s. in case you don't see the response on my blog post, the kids all really liked zootopia, and alex and jane BOTH sat through the whole thing. which is pretty big. hahaha. :) }

  3. I wish you had some pass along cards with you at that garage. I think that would have made all the difference in the world.