Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What We Do.

We've been in Jacksonville for 6 weeks now and have established some sort of routine. But just when you think you've got a hang of things, things change. For example. I enjoyed 2 beautiful weeks as primary pianist (my dream calling) before being called as YW 2nd counselor once again. This is my third time in that calling!! Even though the time commitment is way more than primary pianist, I am actually glad because I always miss working with the youth after a few months away from them.

But here are a few things we do routinely in Jacksonville:

1. We Take Insanely Bad Sunday Photos.

Move aside all you perfect Instagrammers with your perfect family Sunday photos! There's a new sheriff in town and her name is Heather Jolley. Her weapon of choice? A really bad phone camera. Her subjects? Two children who are allergic to the words, "Stay Still!"

"I have an owie on my finger! I need a band-aid!" Whoever invented band-aids must make a fortune, but mostly from sucker parents who buy them for their children who don't need them.

2. We Play Outside.

"I'm Sailing!!!!!" Name the movie.

Literally the only tire that has treated us well in the past 6 years. Except that right after this shot, Gwen ran in front of June's path and hit the ground. Hard. And then we went home! Fun!

You're probably thinking, "But how do Heather's children ever get hurt when she's so careful and never lets them do anything scary?"

Gwen's constant sidekick: A stick. All day, every day.

 "I was runninnggggggg!!" (Again, name the movie. Huge prize at the end of this post.)

3. We Make Food That Looks Bad and Tastes Good. It's how we fool people into letting us eat their share.

We call this one the Jabba the Hut crust. "It's not a tumah!" (Yet a THIRD chance to win the "Name that Movie" game!)

These are definitely supposed to look like cute little birds' nest for Easter and definitely resemble an oil spill in a swamp instead. (But were seriously good. So good.)

4. We Celebrate Miscellany!

June still goes to school and is loving it!!! I just had a meeting with her teacher, and Mrs. Spann said that June is right on track with her progress.

This is down the street from me. It's spooky fun running by it at 5 a.m.

My wedding ring broke. But our love still remains strong.

We fed these elders a kind of horrible meal, only to find out that it was Elder Bore's birthday AFTER we had finished eating. So we gave him some terrible gifts from our pantry.

Usually quiet in this house equals trouble. But sometimes it means that June is "reading" her books. Which makes this mama very happy because I'm banking on our kids for our retirement plan.

Oh yeah. And we still fight. This pic was originally taken to show Gwen's cute little backpack she wears everywhere. But right before the shot, June knocked her over. So cute.

And now I'm concluding one of my most obnoxious posts so far.


  1. I love you I love this I love June I love Gwen I love Daniel I love sticks I love manatees I love What about Bob I love Kindergarten Cop I love everything about this post! I was dying at the Sunday pics. Miss you!!

  2. I love you guys too. Lindsey is always commenting and getting all the friend post answers right first. I will try to be faster than her. Man, such cool friends. I wish that manatee post box holder was my own- something to look forward to. Your girls are so sweet and I love all the sisterly things they do, like push each other down and knock each other over with tire swings. You are doing great!

  3. This entire blog post is the prize! Funny fumny funny! Did no one guess forrest gump? Which I can no longer watch now that I have my own forrest gump.

  4. And you need to print that picture of dan for Father's Day

  5. hahahaha. so much to love about this post! who does't love a good movie quote, for one thing? but seeing your kids in action is awesome. my ideal neighborhood would have all of my college bff's and their siblings living up and down the street. :)

  6. Daniel's face...I just can' funny. I also love how satisfied children look after they've been horrible to their sibling.

  7. Pretty sure I need to be better friends with Lindsey after reading her comments. The picture of Gwen flat on her face after being pushed over is PRICELESS! Even better? The fact that you had the whereabouts to take it!!!!! Hahaha