Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Friends and Family

I've been sick. I haven't had a voice in 6 days. Daniel has seemed a bit perkier as a result, but I'm so over it by now. I trudged along in sickness for the first several days because I had commitments with YW and other things, but yesterday vomit was added to the mix from both June and me. Vomit is the next level, right? Dan came home from work yesterday to find me lying on the bathroom floor, begging for mercy from the stomach gods. I had also been cleaning up June's mess in between my own issues, and I couldn't take another minute of it. I have tried so much to be the strong, independent wife a husband who works and goes to school full-time needs, but when Dan talked about getting off early the next day to come help me, I broke. "Please," I pleaded. "Please do not leave me alone with them!" I said, my eyes darting between Gwen, who was taking each dvd out of its case and throwing it on the floor and June, who wasn't sure if she should let herself throw up or try to swallow it back down. I must have looked pretty frightened because Dan immediately emailed his boss and explained the situation and was able to stay home with us today. I took two glorious naps in the middle of the day and finally feel a little better.

Dan is a great nurse. He pampers. He goes to the store and gets your favorite movies. He buys multiple types of medicine to "see which one works best." He cooks, he cleans.

I am a terrible nurse. I don't like being around sick people. I'm documenting this scene of Dan taking care of me today so that I can remind myself for the next time he's sick. Because whenever anyone in my family is sick, it really throws off my schedule and I get annoyed. Incredulous statements such as,  "Well maybe just go to school/work, and see if you feel better" and then "you're still feeling sick? but it's been THREE hours!!" have been known to fly out of my mouth.

In the midst of my sickness, however, I was able to keep some priorities straight, i.e. discuss a fave home reno blog with my sister.

The sign of true friendship is the ability to carry on multiple conversations, ranging from serious to trivial, at any given time.

Speaking of friends, my friend Cherilee and her friend Danielle came to Jacksonville last week. We watched conference together and were able to hit up the beach with Gwen while June was at school.

We were doing some calculating and realized that Cher and I have known each other for thirteen years. I moved into her apartment, hardly knowing anyone when I was a mere 18 year old baby at BYU. Now we are both old crotchety ladies who like to go to bed early. It's nice to have someone who understands that about you.

My sister also visited us this week. I have ONE picture from the visit. And here it is: four cousins in the bathtub after 5 hours of beaching it up together. We had a great time, and my kids like nothing more than to be with their cousins. End of story.

Gwen is the cutest and crankiest baby. This pic sums it all up.

June started two activities up this week: swimming lessons and gymnastics. We're hoping these activities will help her in the physical coordination and development department. She still can't jump with two feet off the ground and land on her feet. She has a lot of other issues in that department too, and we're trying to figure it out.

Her swim teacher is a dream. June's first week she was the only kid in her class, and I loved the one-on-one aspect (without paying for the one-on-one aspect). The teacher quickly saw how hard it is to carry on a conversation with June and asked me for some thoughts along the way. She summed up June with the following sentence. "This girl is a character, but I bet she wins over a lot of hearts wherever she goes." Yep. Yep.

And from her primary teacher this week, "Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of June?? Really hard!!" Yep. Yep. So while I admit to taking horrible photos, June gets to share a little in the blame of the constant blurriness.

Other miscellany:

Working for a grocery store has its perks. Dan brings home sample items vendors bring into the headquarters quite often, which has only been increased by the fact that his company is moving to a different office across town. They are trying to get rid of everything, and we've had multiple dinners where we just have taste testings.

This is how June prefers to ride a cart at the store, and you know what I say--no problem!! Gwen is in jammies because we have all been sick.

Spring pictures. Too many comments. Another piece of evidence that June might be the hardest kid to photograph in the entire world.

That is a grape on her eye. The whole thing has a "Clarice" feel to it, don't ya think?

Happy Tuesday! And don't you forget it.

I'm going to stop writing now because I'm obviously sick and totally unfunny but wanted to keep the ol' blog updated.


  1. I can't believe how sick you were!!! I felt SO awful you had to go through that. I'm so glad you had great visitors!

  2. You are so grape. Sarah got pistol whipped by her little boy Caleb when he asked her to cock his nerf gun. Her eye looked more grapey underneath her eye. Sarah's little girl Caroline held up a giant roach last week and said "Luke tried to kill my pet!" Then she told Sarah, "He's sleeping". Thank goodness it was dead. Don't swallow your throw up, but you can swallow the inclination. I'm a doctor, so I know these things. Being sick is the worst! Love you!