Friday, April 1, 2016


As if my last post wasn't long enough, I forgot to add some things to it.

First off, June received amazing presents from her grandparents for her birthday. I don't really buy my kids any presents for their birthdays (yet). They are little, and the presents they receive from their grandparents are more than enough. Plus, I want to set the bar low for number of presents so that I can easily match it every year.

My kids really lucked out in the grandparents department. My mom always finds the cutest dresses and sends them my way.

She also sent June a hoodie and a couple of interactive books. June and Gwen both have been carrying the books around everywhere we go.

My mother-in-law Kristi is crafty. You might call me the Anti-Craft. So I feel super fortunate to have her in my life. This year, she made June some puppets.

And June loves to cook with me every night, and so Kristi made her her very own apron.

SO cute.

And some Easter thoughts:

My Easter was super chaotic. At church, I was running June to sit on the potty (for no reason) every few minutes. I missed half of the musical numbers and the one musical number I played, my nerves were shot because it was from Handel's Messiah with four sharps and rather difficult.

After church, the glaze burning/smoke detector/Gwen hitting her head/egg hunt downpour happened, and while everything turned out great, I didn't feel like I got to really think about Easter the way I wanted.

Monday morning, I sat at my piano and played and sang Easter songs to myself. Easter is my favorite holiday, and it shows in my piano music. I think I have one Christmas song in my collection and about 5 Easter songs. I would love to be in charge of an Easter program one day (but not until my kids are all potty trained, so 50 years). Anyway, I spent a lot of time singing the words of one in particular, called "Did You See Him in the Garden?"

The lyrics are as follows:

Did you see him in the garden when he bled from every pore?
Did you feel his lonely anguish when he asked to drink no more?
Did you see his three disciples as they slept through his great pain?
Did you hear his footsteps coming, taking up the cross for men?
Did you watch him through the courtyards, did you hear their angry lies?
Did you feel the lash upon you, did you follow by his side?
Were you there when they condemned him, and they nailed him to a cross?
Did you hear him then forgive them as his loved one mourned their loss?

Then the last verse, with a key change:

Did you see him in his glory when the stone was rolled away?
Did you feel the hope of all men when his ransomed life was paid?
Will you know him when you see him once again on heavenly throne?
Will he say to you in pure love: Come to me, thou art mine own?"
"Come to me, thou art mine own!

Tears were flowing down my cheeks in a steady stream, my voice cracking and choking as I sang the lyrics. I sobbed afterward for awhile on the piano bench and then turned around to where June and Gwen had stopped playing with blocks and were just silently watching me. You could tell they thought their mother had really lost her mind.

I was grateful for that Easter moment I was able to have, even if it wasn't on Easter Sunday. I felt like it was a tender mercy from a Father who knew I needed that moment. I am grateful for my knowledge that Christ is Risen. He gave the gift of his life so that we can be forgiven and be more than we are. He was resurrected, and He still lives!


  1. i always love it when the kids think i've lost my mind. ;) great post! i hate when the hustle and bustle of "easter" with kids keeps me from being able to focus on the meaning.

  2. Awesome post. I want to come sing with you. Thank you for being the example in my life!