Monday, July 11, 2016

The Worst Part Was When They Closed Their Eyes

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This summer has been terrific and terrible. Exhausting and exhilirating!! Great and full of His Grace.

First up, we had June evaluated by a child psychologist because she struggles in so many different areas. June is 4 years old and cannot use the potty, cannot jump with both feet off the ground, struggles in her communication and loves playing by herself in her own world. After debating back and forth for two years, we finally decided to have her tested for a bunch of different things. The verdict? June was diagnosed with autism. She's in good company because she has two cousins--Heidi's son Reagan and Steve's son Joshua--who also have autism. It wasn't much of a surprise when she was diagnosed. Oddly enough, it was a relief to hear a licensed professional say that she saw what I saw. I have literally been losing my mind trying to figure June out.

Now that the words have had time to settle a bit, I have moments where I'm sad. But there are so many things that June is super good at, and she's honestly the most enjoyable kid I've ever met. So I know I'm lucky to have her. She adds a lot to our family.

Shortly after finding out, we headed to a Beck Family Reunion, which is probably the best thing we could have done. Unfortunately, I never take a lot of pictures at important things, so this is all I have:

The drive from Tampa to Destin. We stopped in Tampa to hear a couple of Dan's young men give farewell talks. I don't know if I've ever seen him so proud. Even after all of the eating contests I've won.

The house my mom rented was divided into two parts, but she rented the whole thing. The downstairs crew used this staircase to come up to the common area where everywhere hung out. Downstairs crew included Heidi's family, my family and Steve's family. The party group, you might say. Or the loud group, you might more accurately say. I can see why we were placed in the basement.

And of course, we had to document this important moment in Heidi's life. Deflating a water toy during the last hurried hours of the last morning. The day that Heidi and I were really stressed out about cleaning everything up and moving everything out and our kids couldn't understand why they couldn't go to the beach and swim and mess everything up again. We are such meanies.

Other aspects of our summer:

Lots of time at the library. We brought a friend with us that day and he stretched out and read and June sat there and read and they were both content for a really long time. It was awesome.

Summer hours catch up with us quick. June has been found sleeping on tile at 6 p.m. more than once this summer.

Gwen's cute new haircut. The guy at Great Clips recommended an a-line haircut, and it's so adorable.

And plenty of time in timeout. For both girls. At 7 a.m.



  2. Also, that timeout pic is my new favorite thing ever. I'm so glad you guys got to take that trip! June is my second best friend next to you. I'm excited to see her again soon! I love that kid!


  4. I showed Reagan the time out pic and he could not HANDLE it."get them out of time out! June is sorry!"

    I think the "autism floor" rocked the reunion, 6am is a glorious time for being awake but without access to food.