Thursday, September 29, 2016

Do You Remember Dancing in September?

A smattering of recent activity in the Jolley household:

1. I'm pregnant. If you are surprised, that makes three of us! Dan was so surprised that all he could manage to sputter was, "How did this HAPPEN?" He will be attending a local fifth grade classroom presentation to learn about this topic later in the year. Though we are surprised, we are grateful to welcome this baby into our home sometime in April. June never acknowledged that I was pregnant with Gwen, even when I brought Gwen home from the hospital. This time, she's getting it. She told me that the baby shall be called "June" and she has told her teachers several times that her mother is "really big."

I'm sure you're dying to know how I'm feeling. I'll spare you the literally juicy details by saying--I've finally lost the last ten pounds I gained with Gwen!! Luckily, my mom came for a visit and relieved me for a few days. Moms are the best, especially my mom. 

2. June had her first primary presentation. And it was to-die-for awesome. I had to really work to get myself to church that Sunday, but I'm so glad I did. We worked on her parts for four weeks. June is the most visual learner on the planet, so I knew I would have to make her parts into a picture-story in order for her to learn it. I came up with something that actually worked. Revelation is real!

She had four pages like this, and she hit it out of the park. I was a bit nervous going in to the presentation though, because the primary president told me that every time they practiced, June did her part, but always added a little something "extra" and it was always something different. One day, she went off about Wilbur the Pig, another day she would sing, etc. On the big day, June walked up to the microphone with her toy giraffe in hand (she has to have a wiggle toy to help her sit through primary stuff), and yelled into the microphone "TESTING! TESTING! 123! 123!" Dan and I were laughing so hard we cried. I have no idea where she learned to say that. But she delivered her first part perfectly! And then laughed really hard into the microphone at the end.

Though we practiced the songs quite a bit and June is a great singer, she just doesn't get how to sing in a group setting. So instead of singing along with the rest of the primary, she played with her giraffe on her teacher's lap. Fine by me.

Her second part contained several references to the Savior, and when she would get to the part where I had put a picture of Jesus, she would yell, "Hey! It's Jesus Christ! YAY!" and then say the rest of her part. It was a good day. What was the best part was all of my fellow ward members cheering her on. Dozens of people came up to Dan and me afterward and told us how proud they were of June for doing her part. People are good.

3. June had her first homework assignment. AKA I had my first homework assignment to do for June.

4. Gwen has a favorite dress. Understatement of the year. This dress gets worn, clean or dirty, cold or hot, day or night. June used to wear it too, and it's the rattiest, grossest dress ever and is way too small for Gwen. So we just put a pair of pants underneath.

Playing ring around the rosies:

At the end of the song, during "we all fall down!", June helps a sister out and just pushes Gwen to the ground.

Older sisters. Sheesh.

5. My girls have already decided what to be for Halloween this year and it may seem familiar.

 Isn't June just a natural when it comes to smiling for pics?

There's that dress again. 

June has it in her head that Halloween = ladybug for her and bumblebee for Gwen, and I'm not fighting it. I love keeping things easy. This will be her third year in this costume and Gwen's second.

Since I spend most of the day in bed being sick, I appreciate Gwen's ability to make herself her own breakfast, lunch and dinner. She just dumps a whole cereal box in her trick or treat bucket and grazes on it throughout the day.

I should probably rename this post--Parenting isn't my strong suit. Nah, too much work. Back to bed.


  1. I love your posts! Congrats on the new baby!! If you have a girl, we will officially be living parallel lives. If it's a boy, I totally believe in matchmaking. Maren was born 5 days after Elisa turned 4. And we are all sorts of crazy over here 😄 I am totally trying that Halloween bucket kids have eaten unbeaten breakfast oatmeal that never got cleared from the table for lunch. It is pretty awesome. Kids are very self-sufficient when push comes to shove. And now I must go look up where that saying comes from.

  2. ahahahahahaha. you're posts always make me laugh out loud! and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! we've had a couple of those kind of surprise "how did this happen???" kind of pregnancies. ;) but you know what? those babies were some of my easiest -- a tender mercy. :) i love your kids. they are hilarious. i would have LOVED to have been in your ward on the sunday of the primary program.

  3. You are. my. favorite. family. ever. and I cannot. stop laughing.

  4. TESTING 123! That's awesome! Please some live in our ward so we can have June. Baby #3! Yay! And I'm so sorry you're so sick. Caleb and Lexi had to fend for themselves too when I was pregnant with Grace. You're mom really is awesome. Tell her to come take care of me next (no I'm not pregnant I just like her).

  5. Haha, that was SO Nathan's life when I was pregnant with Penny. I hate to admit my not-yet-two-year-old spent his days being nourished by goldfish, nutri-grain bars, and watching endless episodes of Gilmore Girls and The Big Bang Theory with me as I laid on the couch wanting to die. Good times. I'm super happy for you and hope you start feeling better soon!