Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Things were semi-cold here last week. Like in the 40s, which is below 0 for Floridians. Luckily, one of my friends gave me coats for the girls to wear (which they never have needed to), and we busted those and their boots out and felt positively autumnal for about three days.

June's class had a Thanksgiving party for parents that day, and she was still wearing that coat even though it was during the last hour of school. I think she felt very chic.

I should back up. Dan's mom came into town for a long weekend, and we had such a glorious time with her. We went to Sweet Pete's, we met up with Dan for lunch, we went to the park, we went shopping, and we just did normal day-to-day stuff too, and it was SO nice having her around. She was super helpful and super fun.

On Sunday, after church, we headed to the beach to walk alongside the shore. We kind of forgot that there was this hurricane thingy here and the beach was all messed up and ugly and FREEZING and we only stayed 15 minutes, though it took us 30 to get there. Everyone else was a much better sport than I was. The second we arrived there, I curled up into a ball on a random tree stump until everyone said they had had enough too.

Kristi and I took turns wearing Dan's old letterman's jacket from high school and feeling really cool.

 Back home and getting cozy.

For Thanksgiving, we did something a bit different this year. We made reservations at a restaurant in Savannah and spent the day there.

Before heading out:

I forgot to take pictures at the restaurant, but we ate at the famous The Lady and Sons. I must admit that a few years ago, a friend of mine told me that her family always ate out for Thanksgiving, and I scoffed at her. Well friends, I'm an idiot. Eating out on Thanksgiving was awesome. Especially since I only have my little crew and I'm still preggy-not feeling well. We drove. We consumed. We left. We did not cook. We did not clean. We just gluttonized (new word) ourselves and were on our merry way. And the food was awesome.

Then we headed to Forsyth Park, and it was so big and beautiful, and the weather was great. The girls were so full of energy, and Dan and I were weighed down by creamy mac and cheese, turkey, and 600 hoecakes, so we were an interesting party.

They had the best playground ever, and we could have stayed all day. So we did.

Don't worry, I helped out by carrying my own purse for once.

In short, don't knock it 'til you've tried it. Eating out for Thanksgiving was one of my fondest memories of 2016.

We spent the rest of the weekend with Dan doing some school work, but also being able to spend a lot of time together as a family. It was the best ever. We all whimpered Sunday night when we knew it was going to come to an end.

By far my favorite Christmas ornament. Dan tries to throw it away every year, but I love his little cross-eyed face. Adorable. And yes, my girls and he are triplets. They let me hang out with them every once in awhile. They're good people.

 Our tiny Charlie Brownish tree.

We were going to wait until Christmas, but Dan set up this trampoline for the girls that we got a steal of a deal on. They were excited, but I don't think you could beat our own excitement. The cool house has the trampoline, right? We are still in that mentality. Unfortunately, trampolines and pregnant bladders don't mix, I've discovered.

And now a thought on gratitude. I have a lot to be grateful for, but I'd like to mention three.

1. I'm grateful for this baby (who is a boy by the way). This pregnancy has thrown me for a loop and I'm still not 100%. I spend a lot of time on my back, no longer from nausea but from back pain. But still, he's healthy and I'm healthy, and we are excited to welcome him. His name shall be Zorro.

Not really.

2. I hate to list something material, but I'm going to. Every once in awhile, I'm working in my kitchen and see a van parked in our driveway and think "Oh crud! I better go get some real clothes on because someone's here!" And then I remember that this van belongs to us. Or it will in 58 more payments. Dan and I have almost always had cars to drive, but mine was getting especially old (like 15 years) and was pretty temperamental and too small for three kids. So we bought this baby, and I LOVE IT. I LOVE DRIVING A MINIVAN. I HAVE A WEAK BLADDER. I'M A MOM AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT.

 3. The third thing I'm grateful for is a true story that happened to Dan in the month of October. He was in New Orleans for a job fair that his school (University of Florida) was helping to sponsor. He was going to network and talk business and hopefully land some interviews and all of those totally awkward things that I'm glad I'm not in charge of doing because I would tell people about my weak bladder in the first five minutes. Filter, I have not.

Anyway, the conference was in this really nice conference center downtown, and we wanted him to be close to the action so we booked this ridiculously expensive hotel across the street. The plan was that his friend was going to room with him and split the cost for the two nights. Well, his friend bailed, and we were looking at several hundred dollars for our hotel bill. We are definitely on a budget and trying to get through school and having kids come out of our noses, so this was a bit of a blow.

The second morning Dan was there, he called me bright and early. "GREAT NEWS!" he exclaimed. "The front lobby's computer system shut down last night, and the clerk accidentally assigned my room to another lady, and she walked in on me changing my clothes last night and now we get a 50% discount!!"

Yes. Only the Jolleys would be excited about getting walked in on while you are in your underwear, but excited we were. I told him to try to get it to happen again and get the whole thing free. HAHA.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We are surely blessed, but most of all because we have a Savior who paid the price for our sins so that we can be with our Heavenly Father again. Love you!


  1. The pic of the girls holding hands absolutely exploded my grinch heart. I am really jealous that you got to eat at the Lady and Sons, and I am so excited for Zorro to come so Dan can throw a football with him. Love you. Love this. Love your van.

  2. hahahahahaha. i love your last gratitude story! such a tender mercy, right? ;)

  3. Oh my gosh. Crying. and. Laughing. I can't wait to meet Zorro. He s a lucky boy. Someday he will also wear dan's letter jacket. I can't wait to go for a ride in your van. Can we try and fit a cooler in there too for old times?

  4. A boy!!! YESSS!! So fun! All you need in that quiet, boring house of yours is a little boy to stir things up! ;) HAHA. No, but, really, I have loved being a mother to a boy, and all of that stuff they say about mothers and sons is true. Its a really special love. Also, so jealous of your mini van. I'm thinking that having a 3rd kid might be worth it just to get a minivan. What do you think? Also, that story about your husband getting walked in on was so hilarious!