Monday, January 30, 2017

Goods and Bads.

It turns out that life is kind of the same wherever you go, aka there are goods and bads.

Here are the bads:

1. June started school.
June's first day of school in New Jersey

Of course, this is normally considered a "good" for my sanity's sake, but June has had a rough time transitioning to her new school. June has been pretty much oblivious to every move we've ever had except this one. She loved going to school in Florida. She's been to school two days here and had rough days both days. Of course, it's only been two days, but I dread the phone calls I receive from the school.

Part of the reason she is struggling is that during her evaluation for the school, her case study team determined we needed to try having her in a general education class for the first time. She has always been in a self-contained classroom, and the structure is much looser in that setting. So this is an experiment as to how she will fit in a mainstream classroom. So far, not so good, but I think we need to give it several weeks at least.

It doesn't help that every day so far has had a glitch. The first day had the "first day" glitch--everything new and everything different. The second day, we got a flat tire (OF COURSE! WE ARE THE JOLLEYS AREN'T WE!?!?) on the way to school and had to turn around and she didn't get to go. So she was extremely traumatized by that and constantly talks about our flat tire even though it has now been fixed for several days.

Today was the third day, and the bus was supposed to come pick her up and never did. So I had to take her, and she was very upset by this change in plans after I had pumped her up to ride the school bus for the first time. Then I received a call from the school that she had a big fit right off the bat. Oh Junebug. 

2. The aforementioned flat tire. I don't know if this a "bad" or just another daily Jolley exercise. Like breathing or eating frosting from the can.

3. Both girls had a case of the barfs. But Dan set up awesome stadium seating for movie-watching.

There's nothing quite so fun as having two-year old Gwen take her maiden voyage down Barfsville. She had no idea what was happening and just kept shaking and shaking out of fear. June is an old Puke-xpert. They each had their own separate night of barfing, and I just kept the sheets flying in and out of the wash every time I could turn around.

4. It's cold.

 We have made many plans to explore, but the fact is it just doesn't sound fun to walk around NYC in 30 degree weather with two small babies who are only used to 75 degree winter weather. (And one big baby who is only used to 75 degree winter weather--me.) I've been the biggest wimp in the family about this. New Jersey is actually experiencing a very mild winter, and I am still shivering my buns off every second of every day. But we have made the most of indoor play places, and the girls have had a blast getting breakfast at McDonald's the past couple of Saturdays so that they can play. Gwen is 100% rough and tumble, and we have to make deals with her to eat a bite in between each turn down the slide.

The Goods:

1. We have been prepping for Valentine's Day in a big way. I'm not normally one to make extra fuss over a holiday, but this has been a really fun project to keep the girls busy inside. We have spent several afternoons making valentines for cousins and decorating little mailboxes for the girls to receive their V-day goodies in. Gwen likes to do this for about 3 minutes, but June can sit and decorate for hours.

2. We found a pupuseria only a 5-minute walk from our house. If you haven't had pupusas, you are missing out!! Dan served his two-year LDS mission speaking Spanish in south Chicago where he was introduced to the Salvadorean goodness. We had a place near us in Vegas that sold them, but we haven't had any since then. We walked to this new place on Saturday, and it did not disappoint. It's very rare for everyone to like the same meal in our family, but even the girls ate their weight in the corn tortilla, pork, bean and cheese goodness.


  1. I'm not gonna lie. These are some of the best pictures you've ever taken. Also, I love you and I'm sorry Jersey is so cold and your girls have been sick and have had some troubles adjusting to the new life. I say crank the heat in the temp housing!