Friday, February 17, 2017

A Snow Day and a Love Day

A Snow Day.

I have an irrational fear of snow. I grew up in Kansas City where snow is not uncommon. I served an LDS 18-month mission in Romania, where snow is not uncommon. (Side note: I once had to pull two suitcases on wheels full of food storage through a snow storm in Romania. A bunch of men watched and laughed at me as I trudged down the sidewalks, pulling as much snow as I was pulling food. Aw memories.)

After my mission, I returned to Kansas City and began dating a guy long distance. He flew in to see me during a horrific snow storm. My dad called me from his office downtown and offered to pick up said beau so that I wouldn't have to venture out in the storm. I conferred with this boy, who told me that I was being a baby and I needed to come pick him up myself. (Word of advice to my daughters: don't date guys who tell you you are a baby for not driving in a snow storm.) So I drove to pick him up, did a 180 on an icy bridge and was hit by the guy behind me. There were over 300 accidents in Kansas City that night due to weather.

Fast forward a couple of years later, and I met and married my wonderful Dan. We drove from Vegas up to Utah for Thanksgiving with his family. There was a terrible snow storm on the drive home, but we felt like we had to risk it in order to be back for our work and school schedules. About an hour and a half into our drive, things got really scary. We saw a semi truck jack-knifed on the road. We saw many cars swerving around. We knew we needed to stop, so we exited off the freeway and drove into a hotel parking lot. We couldn't see where the parking lot started or ended so we just kind of floated into what we hoped was a space and stayed the night there.

Since then I have lived in Vegas for three years and Florida for five. No snow storms. There was no "get back up on the horse" to follow my scary incidents. And so the snow really scares me. All I can remember is swerving and feeling no control.

Enter New Jersey.

It snowed the first day we came here. And I couldn't talk for a full 45 minutes. Irrational, I know. A few days later I had to head somewhere and as soon as I got into the car, it started snowing. I received a text one second later from Dan. It said simply, "I'm sorry." He knew I would be in the car at that moment, and he knew I was scared.

But it wasn't a bad storm. I got through it.

Last week WAS a bad storm however. June's school was canceled and Dan had to work from home. No one could go anywhere. And I decided I like the snow if I don't have to go anywhere or do anything except be warm inside and watch movies and drink hot chocolate.

My girls had never seen snow until we moved here. They think it's AWESOME. The morning of the bad storm last week, they ran into our rooms and climbed up onto our window sills, and June screamed, "THANK YOU, ELSA!!!"

She consistently cannot remember that we pray to Heavenly Father, yet she can praise the ice queen without prompting. Now that's a sign of good parenting.

Dan, being the fun parent, walked to a CVS four blocks away to buy hot chocolate. He also bundled the girls up to play outside for a few minutes.

Gwen fell on her bottom about 3 minutes into their snow excursion and before I knew it, she was back in the apartment with me, whimpering about her snow woes. She gets me,

June, however, made a snow angel and a snow man and kind of pulled a Lieutenant Dan-on-top-of-the-sail-in-a-storm scenario. She laughed in the face of the cold and couldn't get enough of it.

After a few days, it was okay to go out and about again, and June got a haircut.

She talked to this nice lady (who probably gave her the best haircut she's ever had) about eggs and potions and the lady didn't quite now how to respond. I always enjoy sitting back and watching people try to navigate a conversation with June.

 A Love Day.

Let me start by saying that I am not crafty. I frequently refer to myself as the Anti-Craft. I'm also not one to fuss over parties or minor holidays. However, this V-Day was different. I had the idea to really talk it up to give the girls something to look forward since we are cooped up in this tiny space for awhile. I talked to my mom and Dan's mom and got them on board too. The girls decorated and sent valentines to grandparents and cousins and received many things in return. I bought them V-Day presents. The day before V-Day, as I was setting everything up, I got a little embarrassed. Hello, Overboard Mother. Oh well.

June came home the day before V-Day and announced that she had a card for me. 

"To Mom and Dad. Happy Valentine's Day. I love you. June"

That night, after the girls went to bed, I decorated a trail from their room to the kitchen table. The girls took all of the red paper for their valentines, so black, blue, yellow and white hearts it was.

And some new winter gloves for the D-Man.

Dan's mom sent candy for their mailboxes, and my mom sent them each a couple of books.

Unfortunately, Gwen was dismayed by what she saw on the ground the next morning. "WHAT A MESSY MESS!" she proclaimed over and over and immediately started picking it up and throwing it away.

Dan read the girls the letter Grandma Kristi sent them.

Dan made pink heart-shaped pancakes with a chocolate syrup arrow crossing through them.

And the girls wore matching pink shirts that some dummy pregnant lady with no brain ordered the wrong sizes for so their bellies were showing the whole day. We Jolleys go a little saucy for V-Day.

On the way to the elevator to catch the school bus. Holding hands. So sweet. Why is it that they are either holding hands are hitting each other? There is no in between here.

Our favorite game: Crunching the snow at the bus stop.

So I guess the real question is: Do I have to do this every year now?


  1. hahahaha. YES! you DO have to do it every year now. ;) it makes a depressing time of year much more fun and bearable. :) and i hate driving in the snow, too. it's the worst.