Thursday, March 30, 2017


June turned 5 on Sunday. We haven't done a ton for her birthdays (or anyone's birthday) in the past, but we decided that turning 5 in our family could constitute a party with friends. But we are pretty new here and didn't know where to do it. We just moved into our new house and aren't entirely unpacked. Plus, our place is pretty small. We have a decent-sized backyard, but were warned by many not to count on the weather in New Jersey in March. Which took me awhile to wrap my head around since March is when we start hitting the beach in Florida. (One of these days I'm going to get over the fact that we don't live near Florida beaches anymore. Today is not that day.)

We finally settled on a Mickey Mouse gymnastics party at a place down the road. They told me that all we had to do is provide kids and food and that they would set up, clean up, and lead the kids in activities. We invited June's primary class, and there were about 7 kids total. A pretty decent party! June was thrilled and loved it and then cried the next day when she realized it wasn't going to be a part of the daily routine.

June specifically wanted Mickey Mouse balloons and red balloons. She also requested a Mickey Mouse cake--not Minnie, but Mickey. I went to the grocery store three weeks in advance to order it (I'm so neurotic!), and there was only one cake available with Mickey on it. Several with Minnie, but only one Mickey cake and Minnie even makes an appearance on that cake too. I figured June would have to be happy with it because at least Mickey was on it.

I showed up the day of the party to pick up her cake, and the lady at the bakery told me, "Hey, remember how you couldn't find a cake with just Minnie on it? We have several! So I changed your order so that you didn't have to have Mickey on your cake." My heart sank. June doesn't really like Minnie that much. But I didn't have the heart to tell the sweet bakery lady that it was Mickey we wanted, not Minnie. And then a miracle--June didn't notice. Phew.

(I realize that these aren't real problems. It's just that in the autism world, you get a bit tired of having to constantly calm your child down when things don't go according to plan, and I was hoping to avoid that battle for just. one. day.)

Having a party where I don't have to do anything but sit around and talk to the other parents was the best idea ever. It almost felt like it was MY birthday, not June's.

Gwen couldn't decide if she loved or hated the party. LOVED playing and eating. HATED that it wasn't for her.

And then on Sunday, the actual birthday:

A tea set from Grandma Sandy:

And on Tuesday, her 5-year old check-up. This was such a crazy day for me. June's class was headed on a field trip that afternoon, and it was to one of those cool kid's museums that I will never actually pay for my kids to attend because it's like $25 a kid. And her class was going for Free Ninety-Nine! So I raced her across town to make it, and a cop followed us for a bit. I was SHAKING IN MY BOOTS. And then he turned his lights on. And then I pulled over. And then he passed me and pulled over the guy in front of me. And then I almost cried.

The doc's visit wasn't especially great either. New Jersey doesn't accept June's ASD diagnosis, so we are going through the process again. So I needed her pediatrician to sign off so that the specialist will do the test. June is super high functioning and super social, so she can throw a lot of people off if they are only with her a short period of time. So of course on the day of her check-up, she's SUPER excited to be at the doc's office. She thinks doctors are AWESOME and doesn't even care that they give her shots. So the doctor walks in, and June looks him right in the eye and exclaims, "Hello, Doctor! I'm Junebug!!!!"

So of course, the doctor turns to me and says, "Autism doesn't seem to be the right diagnosis for this child." So then I had to explain a lot of things to him, and of course it sounded so hollow and weird. I hate justifying June's diagnosis. It's not like I want her to have autism! Anyway, I handed him a million reports from other doctors, and he finally signed off. But it all kind of felt yucky.

In other news, this animal crossed the street in front of my house the other day. And I almost ralphed everywhere. It's like the hugest rat ever.

I sent this picture to my sister, my BFF Linz, and my husband, and they each immediately answered, "Beaver." Apparently, I don't have even the most basic knowledge of animals because I didn't know that was a beaver. Still gross.


  1. I'm going to give you some advice, since I know young moms love hearing advice without asking for it. You should really:
    1. Find that beaver
    2. Put MINNIE MOUSE ears on it
    3. Put it in the cake box
    4. Return the cake box to the bakery
    5. Ask for a refund
    6. Take more pics of your freaking adorable children
    7. Continue blogging forever for my entertainment.


  2. 5 is awesome. That is a cake miracle. I probably would have not been so patient about that hiccup, glad y'all were blessed to have it go smoothly. ♥️

    I appreciate your openness about dealing with being an advocate for your daughter. Over said it before, but I'll say it again, she is lucky to have you be her voice. You are admirable in so many ways.

  3. If it makes you feel better, I think you can rest assured that your sister, Linz and your husband don't have a good grasp on nature either. That is way too small to be a beaver. Beavers are like 40 lbs and nocturnal sooooo.....

    It's totally a groundhog. And I have firsthand knowledge how many times Linz has seen that movie, so she is the one that should be embarrassed now.

    In any case, both are rodents. So you still win.

  4. i just google image searched ground hog and beaver and i stand by my assertion.

    i believe in miracles and that cop was led by the spirit right past you.

    and i hate that doctor. still. and forever.

  5. A Romanian rat is that size so you are totally justified in thinking it is a rat.