Thursday, March 23, 2017

More Moving.

Last week, our two-month stint in corporate housing came to a close, and we moved into our new rental house. The term "new" is used quite loosely here, as the house is a mid-century home with lots of character. As in any book, there are good characters as well as bad, and this house is like that too. I'm planning a house tour blog post soon, so that you can see it. There are some things about an old house I love (this house is so unique), and there are just some things I love about new houses that I'm missing here (convenience).

While it was fun living in downtown Morristown, I was more than ready to have our own driveway and to not be worried about how much noise our neighbors were hearing from our end of the hallway (not to mention all of the noise I picked up during their late night parties).

The movers dropped off our stuff from storage on Monday, and there was news of a big nor'easter hitting Monday night. Perfect timing! As soon as Dan got off work on Monday, we packed up the suitcases we had been living out of for 8 weeks and headed to the house, which was full of boxes and disorganization. And was pretty dirty. Dan did a quick run out to the grocery store and for some Chinese takeout and was able to make it home just as the snow was starting.

The girls were already asleep by the time he got home (went to bed without dinner they were so tuckered out). We had a good laugh at Dan's fortune from his cookie.

Is it still a fortune if it's something you already know?

The next morning, the girls were delighted (and I of course was dismayed) to find a foot of snow outside.

This is the street in front of our house.

Our large backyard to match my large backyard.

I call this one "Breakfast During a Move." Cereal but no bowls. 

Everything was canceled for the day, which worked out great for me. Dan was able to stay home and help unpack! And of course continue his reign as "Favorite Parent" when he took the girls out to build a snowman.

Amazingly enough, the Verizon guy still came and set up our internet. He was tough as nails and thinks everyone else is just wimpy, though I saw NO ONE else driving all day. I like being wimpy, thankyouverymuch.

The Sunday before all of this was our anniversary. We had been planning to go out Saturday night, but Dan flew in from out of town Saturday morning, and we came to find ourselves trapped in our apartment the whole day due to the Morristown St. Patrick's festivities outside. So we canceled our plans. Dan was disappointed, but he still found a way to give me a gift.

When we moved into our house, we had no ice. My pregnancy cravings are as follows: ice, ice, Cadbury mini-eggs, and ice. We had no ice trays and didn't think to buy any because our fridge appeared to have an ice maker. But it doesn't work. Desperate, Dan began freezing water in paper plates and then breaking it up for me so that I could continue my unhealthy addiction. What a guy!

We finally got around to our yearly tradition of watching "Little Women" during the winter months. We never made it happen in 2016, so we will go for two times in 2017. This is Dan's face during Laurie's proposal to Jo. He. Cannot. Handle. It. It's my favorite part of the movie just because I get to watch Dan writhe in pain.

The snow stopped sometime Tuesday afternoon, and the roads were clear enough to get out on Wednesday. June was in between schools, so the girls and I continued to stay home and unpack.
Friday rolled around, and I started to make St. Patrick's Day pancakes but couldn't find my green food coloring. Never mind, I thought, I'll just make regular pancakes. But added twice the salt and no sugar. I realized this after Gwen brought her pancake back to me and said, "no thanks!" and ran out of the kitchen. That's when I took a bite and realized I had thrown a little April Fool's Day into the celebration.

A quick sneak peak at our favorite feature of the house--a play room with a door that closes. What's that, girls? I can't hear you! Go play!

And of course, June started her new school yesterday. For those keeping a tally, this is June's fifth new school. And she hasn't even started kindergarten yet. We're really good parents that believe in stability and consistency. Which is so important for autistic kids. I'm going to write a book about it.

Another post coming up: What Makes Jersey Unique. And there is a lot. Quick sneak peak at a typical shopping trip.

It is very crowded here.

And lastly--a typical afternoon with our family artist basking in the light with fresh flowers nearby. That is how my household rolls! 

You know that's not true. The true story is that a man at Aldi thought my girls were SO charming that he bought them these roses. Which they proceeded to fight over and hit each other with. That'll show him!

Ahhhhhh, my life is bliss.


  1. I officially hand over my life rights to Heather Marie Beck Jolley for express narration and biographical purposes. I only want her to write it because she is the best. I love this post so much.

  2. The ice on paper plates might be the most thoughtful thing ever.
    I think June is going to be the most "roll with the punches" kind of gal ever. We need more gals like that.

  3. Isn't fighting very charming? :P I love how you watched Little Women and then Gwen and June's faces in the playroom totally remind me of the part in Little Women where Meg and Jo are outside of the house where Meg helps with the kids and the kids have their faces pressed up against the window. And Jo says, "Lovely children" One of my favorite parts of the movie. Besides the proposal scene of course :)