Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Still Alive.

It turns out that having three kids is more than having two kids. I feel like I've been running ever since Harris joined us. BUT. I infinitely prefer it this way. I've heard it both ways--"It's better to have the baby out than in" and also "It's better to have the baby in than out" and I can definitely say I'm in the first camp. I have many friends who suffer from postpartum depression, but for me, I think I have "partum depression". I am so sad when I'm pregnant. I am so relieved when I'm not.

Harris is so sweet. He doesn't cry too much. He has been harder than my other kids to get on a schedule, but not awful. I think the biggest obstacle I face is simultaneously wanting him on a schedule while also needing him to nap when he should be awake so that I can help other little kids. We go a lot of places, so he's always falling asleep in the car when he should be awake. But it's fine. We'll get there. I'm not stressing over it.

He's 4.5 weeks old and almost 11 pounds. He eats like he's starving constantly (my genes). His bowels function most adeptly. He's a nice boy.

BIG NEWS in our family. No one has any cavities! That is a first. I took the girls to a pediatric dentist and marveled at the world that is pediatric dentistry. First off, I can't imagine being a pediatric dentist. Aside from the fact that the world of science and medicine seem rather otherworldly to my artsy fartsy brain, I can't imagine getting little kids to do stuff most adults avoid doing. But times have changed since I was a kid. Going to the dentist is like going to Disneyland now. I found a place with a space/rocket ship theme, and both girls loved it and were very compliant.

They watched movies as they had their teeth cleaned, and true to form, they wouldn't answer any questions posed by the dentist because they were too busy watching tv. If you put a screen in front of one of my kids, they turn comatose to the life outside. It's a talent, really.

June's class went on a field trip to the zoo, and she came home painted like this:

Love it.

The girls and Dan went to church without me a few Sundays, and it was really nice to have the quiet time at the house with Harris. Also, June's hair is so long. Sometimes, I attempt to french braid it. I'm not very good at hair. I have found that if I braid it after a really long break, it looks decent. However, if I try to do it again and again in the same week, it doesn't work. Thus, practice doesn't always make perfect.

I've been trying to pay more attention to Gwen. Poor middle child. Being sandwiched between a special needs older sibling and a newborn baby hasn't been very kind to Gwen, Luckily, she had lots of attention when Grandma Sandy and Grandma Kristi took turns coming for visits. She and I spend a lot of time doing puzzles while Harris sleeps. But her favorite thing is just to get out of the house, so we do that a lot too.

I made it to church for Mother's Day. Gotta pick up my M Day swag! We had no good pictures of us all together, but here are a few of us broken up.

June gave me the following card she made at school for Mother's Day.
 "My Mommy"
By: June
My mommy's name is Heather and she is 23 years old.
My mom looks beautiful when she combs her hair.
My mom laughs when I tell her a joke.
My mom is really good at tickling me.
When I am at school, my mom flies.
The best thing my mom cooks is butterfly cake.
My favorite thing to do with my mom is eat together.
If I could buy her a gift, I would buy my mom a toy.
I love my mom more than a car.

I guess that's a hint to brush my hair more often? And yes, eating is a major bonding activity in this household. Good thing I'm only 23 and still have great metabolism. (Note: I'm 32.)

And one more of that baby.

At first, everyone said he looked like me. Now everyone is saying Dan. What say ye?