Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Dan is Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving.

First person to name the movie in the comments section gets to clean my house.

Dan turned the big 3-0 this May, and I'm happy to have him join me in the thirtysomething club. The club of falling asleep during the opening credits of movies, getting excited about shopping at Aldi and driving a minivan. Though I've been doing those first two since I was 16. I also like Lawrence Welk. 

Dan's big request for his birthday was chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake (from Mel's Kitchen Cafe), and I have to say--I did a pretty good job. It was delicious. Also part of being in the thirtysomething club is counting your calories, and this baby clocks in at 600+ calories per slice. If you cut it into twelfths. So we invited another family over to help us devour this beauty so that we wouldn't be able to ourselves.

I know, I know. It's cracked. My cheesecakes always crack.

Happy Birthday, Dan!

The best birthday present Dan received was his sweet baby Harris and also this sweet baby which came in the mail:

Five days after Harris was born, Dan had to take his final finals. Ever. Luckily, his professors heard about the baby and said he could take the tests from New Jersey instead of having to fly back down to Florida for them. Unfortunately, this meant that he would also be missing graduation, which was the day after finals. Dan was bummed about this, but I was so excited. The thought of having to attend a graduation days after giving birth really did not appeal to me. I feel like people always look stunning at graduations, but my postpartum wardrobe plan consisted of cutting a hole out of one of my bed sheets to wear while also attempting to watch the entire outdoor ceremony from the confines of my car. But I was saved!

My BFF Linz came and visited for a few days at the end of May, and we had a fabulous time. I am SO BAD at taking pictures when people come to visit. Especially Linz. Because we are too busy having fun. And we are quite the pair. There are very few people who would be okay with flying across the country to help me with my crazy kids, and she has done it quite a few times. There are also very few people I can ask to watch A Walk to Remember with me for the sole purpose of poking fun at it, but Linz will do that too. She's BFF material for sure.

This was right before my crew headed to our town's little Memorial Day parade. The girls wanted to wear costumes, and so we went with it. It rained like crazy the entire parade, but it was one of the best Memorial Days I've ever had. Because at the end, the town follows the parade to the local VA hall where there is a flag and prayer ceremony to remember those from our town who have died in service to our country. They read each name and rang a bell, and I felt the Spirit so strong. I loved it.

And then looked over at my girls and remembered that we let them wear Halloween costumes. Whoops.

June wore bat wings that day. Wings I had ordered special so that she could wear them on "Favorite Book Character Day" at school. Her favorite book is about bats, and we read it every single night. Black shirt, black pants, bat wings. Easy, right? Except that after we attended the Memorial Day festivities, the bat wings went missing.

Friday was the big day, and by Thursday night I still hadn't found them. June was REALLY upset about this, and it stressed me out. Friday morning, I gave the house one last look but couldn't find them. I finally persuaded June to dress up like another book character, Pinkabella.


Not to be left out, Gwen also dressed like Pinkabella that day.

I put June on the bus and was relieved the ordeal was over. The second I walked back through the front door of the house, I knew where the wings were. The one place I forgot to look. I walked right to my closet and looked on the top shelf, and there they were.

I'm tired, folks.

Lastly, I try to send a pic of the girls to their grandmas on the regular. But my subjects are ridiculous to work with.

The following series could be aptly called--Gwen: A Case Study.

and "To the Left, to the Left"

"June Leaves the Family."

"Let's Go Spend a Bunch of Time in the Car Together."

"This is the Best We Can Do."

"Harris is the Only Willing Participant."

"Please Let Me Be Anywhere but Here."

"A Girl and Her Dog."


  1. gwen is going to be the best dictator this world has ever seen!
    i think cracked cheese cakes show dedication to food and family. have you tried melting a cup of chocolate chips on top? no cracks!
    how do you like your new couches? they look great!
    dan has an MBA! that's so great! i'm so proud of him and you!
    i would have cried at the memorial day ceremony. i like ceremonies!

  2. Dang, that Jamie Sullivan sure has style.

  3. OK, I am trying not to cry laughing at this caption "Harris is the Only Willing Participant." and the photo. I love your family. Thank you SO much for letting me come play. CONGRATS TO DAN AND YOU ON FINISHING SCHOOL!!!!!! MBA!!!! I'M SO JEALOUS!!! I am sad I missed the Memorial Day celebration. I also am sad you found the wings the second you got back in the house. I do think that you live close to the Spirit, and that this was somehow meant to be. Maybe she would have had a dark day dressed as a bat. IDK. I love this. I miss you and those kids!!!

  4. And one more... that cheesecake was TO DIE FOR AND I CRAVE IT NOW ALL THE TIME YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  5. P.S. 13 Going on 30. Let me know when you're ready for me to clean your house.