Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy Father's Day to the Best of the Best

Happy Father's Day to Dan the Man Jolley!

Father's Day at our house consists of getting to sleep in 15 minutes longer than usual and getting a present or two. I need lots of help getting this crew to church on time, so Dan doesn't get much of a break from that.

The girls and I made him breakfast in bed. I don't like breakfast in bed! Do you? Dan does, so we obliged. Gwen was cranky the whole time and cried as I sang "Happy Father's Day" to Dan. She screamed so loudly that he didn't even know what I was saying. Sounds about right.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a tube of biscuit dough the next time you are at the store and make yourself a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit. It's my fave thing at McDonald's, and the homemade version is also excellent.

I think Dan actually ate one of those sandwiches and the girls commandeered the rest.

This card was especially fitting because one of his presents was matching ties with Harris!

Dan is pretty hard to predict sometimes. He can be really into cheesy stuff and the next second he is rolling his eyes at something cheesy. So I wasn't sure if he would be into matching ties. And he kind of wasn't. Haha. But he did it to humor me.

When I saw that his initial reaction was somewhere between "meh" and "this is embarrassing", I put on my best mom voice and sang out to him, "If any of the other dads make fun of you, they're just jealous!"

We then discussed how inaccurate that statement is most of the time. My mom used it on me a lot, and I look back now and think, "No, Mom. I don't think the popular kids are secretly jealous of how uncool I am and how dorky my clothes are. I think they really are just having a good time laughing about it."

But I know I'll say the same thing to my kids.

Dan the Man with his children. This is Gwen's most cooperative-looking photo of that day, followed by a close runner-up:

I should frame this.

Speaking of frames, his other present was this nice frame for his diploma.

For dinner, I made coconut shrimp. I was really frazzled putting it together because I was also making a new dessert at the same time. Unfortunately, this resulted in my forgetting to take the shells off the shrimp. It was horrible. And Dan just choked it down with a smile anyway because that's the kind of guy he is. Also, he's really used to choking down horrible food around here.

It's really quite symbolic for Father's Day because the kids and I started choking the life out of Dan when he became a father.

Happy Father's Day, Dan! We really do appreciate you even if Father's Day feels like every other day at our house with loud, cranky kids and an old, cranky wife. Love you!


  1. I want a bacon/egg/cheese biscuit now! I love that you didn't shell the shrimp. Just pretend that's how they do it in Europe. I LOVE the matching ties. Adorable!!!!!

  2. Do you ever get the Sargento thin sliced cheese? I love it. Would go great on your biscuits.
    Maybe Dan secretly wanted matching bow ties?
    The frame looks great. I hope he likes it.
    That Gwen is going to be a supermodel. The master of the smoldering look.