Sunday, June 25, 2017

We have a kid named Gwen.

Poor Gwen. She is the quintessential middle child. And she's being raised by two middle children, so we really get it. Having an older sister with special needs and a newborn baby brother, Gwen often gets overlooked. Dan and I have both felt impressed that we need to make a stronger effort to make sure Gwen gets the attention she needs, and I'm starting with this blog post.

Gwen. Such a little name for such a person. (Name the movie for 10 points!)

Gwen dresses like a princess every single day but acts like one of the lost boys from Peter Pan. She regularly walks on all fours and barks like a dog or runs away from me to play with other kids at church. She races out of the chapel every Sunday to go to nursery before we can even catch up to her. She cries the whole way home when we depart from a play date and begs to see her friends again. She loves going to story time at the library and chasing the boys around the stacks.

In short, Gwen is a people person.

I don't think she has worn a pair of pants one time in the past 3 months. She's a dress/skirt girl. In fact, after I put her back to bed at night, she sneaks out to her dresser or the hamper and pulls out a dress and puts it on to sleep in.

This is how I found her dressed one morning and discovered her nighttime wardrobe shenanigans.

Here's another example. Put her church dress back on after I put her to bed, and she wore it most of the next day as well. Backwards. But putting away silverware, so I'll take it!!

A Gwen outfit original.

Saying Gwen is an active child is like saying cheesecake is a nice dessert. The description doesn't begin to fit the bill. She's active and as a result of her activity is very often injured. We have a steep flight of stairs down to our basement, and they are made of concrete. Gwen recently fell down them backwards, doing backwards somersaults the whole way down. And cried for a few minutes and then was okay. A few days ago, she tripped while walking (Hello Heather Jolley genes!) and instantly developed the most grotesque bruisy bump on her forehead.

But was fine.

She was a pretty difficult kid for most of last year, but is starting to mellow and be a lot more fun. Maybe. Sometimes. There's a light at the end of the tunnel?

We love her.


  1. I haven't even read the post yet because I stopped to comment before anyone else and say "LITTLE WOMEN!"

  2. OH my heart. I love this girl so much. I want to visit again just to play with her. I love my Gwennie!!!!!! I can testify - having been present and hearing the incident as it happened - that the fall down the stairs was terrible, and she survived it like a warrior queen. And that smart little cookie was killing it on the computer games at the library. Genius!!!

  3. little women!!! hahaha. that's one of my favorite movies. :) i love how much personality all of your kids have. it makes life un-boring, dont' ya think? ;)

  4. Gwen lovely girl.mama you should be happy to have such wonderful girl .your home must be lively

  5. I love that Gwen. She truly does not care what gets in her way. Let's call her GI Gwen. I love that she's determined to wear skirts all the time. I bet should could have survived that episode in the dryer.
    Defencertainly samba has been commenting on my blog too.