Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Nice Weekend and June Gives a Talk

 The first half of July was so crazy, and I have enjoyed the slower pace of the last half.  June has one week left of summer school, and then we will have a complete month off from school, which starts back up after Labor Day here in NJ. I never knew the East Coast was on such a different schedule, but June's last day was June 23rd and her first day back is after Labor Day.

A quick photo shoot before heading out to the bus. And yes, this is the best shot of that morning. Eek.

Yesterday was positively delightful. The weather was a bit cooler, but we decided to head to the pool anyway and were the sole occupants for a good portion of our time. It was awesome!

Dan was with the girls in the pool. He has a goal of getting June to pass the swim test so that she can go down the slide before the end of the summer. So he's been working with her a lot lot lot. Yesterday, he confirmed the test requirements with one of the lifeguards and found out that we had been misinformed about the test. She is a good swimmer, but the test is much harder than we originally thought. She has to jump into the pool, tread water for 30 seconds and then freestyle across the pool in 20 seconds or less.

I don't know if that's going to happen this summer. Ha. Maybe next year!

I had the easy job of sitting with Harris.

See that major flat dent in his head? I see a helmet in this baby's future.

Our pool also has four square and tetherball courts. We headed over that way next. Dan played with the girls, and then he challenged me to a match. Which was ridiculous. Because I'm terrible at stuff like that, and Dan won by 298347327 points every time.

So I started coming up with ways to beat him. I made him put one hand behind his back. He still beat me. Then I introduced a new version of the game called "Phantom Tether" where he had to keep one hand at the level of his eye for the duration of the game. He still smashed me. Then I quit while I still had some dignity, though what dignity you still have after making up a Phantom of the Opera version of a playground game, I know not. Another mystery for another day.

We went home and bathed the girls. Then, in true Jolley form, we went to check out the new Wegmans that opened in our town. Grocery stores continue to be a hot topic in this house! It was a total zoo, but had great customer service. The manager of the store saw that we looked a little lost and helped us navigate our way around and also went to the bakery and picked up some cookies for the girls.

The girls were excited about the train they had going around the deli, all of the people and all of the food. They were acting like maniacs, so we quickly picked out dinner from the 38924732987 options they have in their food court and made our way back out to the car.

We arrived home around 6. Much to our delight, all of our kids fell asleep in the car. No one had had naps that day, so we put everyone in their beds/cribs and congratulated ourselves on an unexpected "date night" and ate our dinner and watched a movie without the kids.

Until they woke up at 7. Drat.

It was still a fun night.

June was asked to give her first-ever primary talk. If you recall our primary program last year, you never know what this girl is going to say if you give her a mic. Her mother is like that too.

 I have found that a mixture of pictures and words works best for June to memorize things. We practiced and practiced. And it was going just okay. June was so distracted, and she would say something off the wall every single time. Which is pretty funny and cute, but to a point. So I was trying to limit these comments to just a couple per practice, and I didn't feel like we were progressing. So I finally told myself to STOP worrying about it. It's just a primary talk after all, and primary is the place we learn!

After Sacrament meeting, Dan turned to June and asked, "Are you ready to go give your talk?" She was SO excited, without even a trace of fear. She ran up to the podium in the chapel and tried to give her talk as everyone exited for 2nd hour classes. We had to explain to her that her talk was in primary, not Sacrament Meeting. So she ran off to the primary room.

When it came time for her turn, she jumped up and ran to the podium and hit it out of the park. I was shocked. You never know what's going to come out of that girl!

Here is her talk:

That's it. Only 6 sentences. But it was definitely the perfect length for her to learn in just a few days.

After her talk, I exclaimed, "June, you did SUCH a good job on your talk!" To which she replied, "Superwhy! Superbot!"

And we were back to normal again.

After church, we raced home to make dinner for friends. I messed up every dish and burned the main course. I also burned my thumb. I was SO frustrated that I excused myself to the other room to give Harris a bottle. When I returned, Dan has cut off the burnt side of each taquito and announced that we were just going to call them "taquito tacos". He really saved the day. And then our guests had to cancel, and we ate the taquito tacos ourselves.

And they were delish.

The end.


  1. That's the swim test to go down the slide? Does she get navy seal certification as well? Good night new jersey
    June's talk is delightful. What a great mom you are.
    You should start calling wegman's "Disneyland".

  2. Taquito Tacos! So creative!

    Love the talk picture sentences... Will definitely add that to my arsenal.

  3. I want those taquitos right now. YUMMMMMM! June is my favorite and I love that she tried to give the talk in the chapel first. Oh my hearttttttttt. I loved watching her practice and I just eat it up. I am unfamiliar with Wegmans. I also couldn't pass that swim test because 20 seconds? Are you serious??? You look great, btw.

  4. And I died laughing at the "Hand at the level of your eye" part.