Friday, November 23, 2018

Happy Sweatsgiving.

It's been awhile. And on this blog, that usually means one thing . . . 

I'm pregnant. And sick. From being pregnant.

We are really excited and grateful. Due date not for a million years. I'll keep you posted.

So, in true Heather Pregnant Form (HPF), we have cut down on about half of our daily activity. We have participated in holidays, but in a muted format.

We did that Halloween thing. Cats are easy. Harris was a mouse. Dan was a piece of cheese. With a Shredder-from-Ninja-Turtles mask we had. Shredded cheese; get it? No one else did either so he ditched the mask halfway through the ward Trunk or Treat and just stuck to the cheese to accompany Harris' mouse costume. I didn't take any pictures of Dan.

Or of myself. I was a flying squirrel. It didn't fit the family theme but it was a huge onesie that was very comfortable so I bought it.

June had pink eye a few weeks ago and made herself this box in order to quarantine her head and infected eye from the rest of the family. It was a real pain to get her to do normal things with this abnormal box on her head.

Trying to grow out June's bangs. But then I miss them. I can't decide. What say ye?

Cute boy whose breath smells so bad every morning that this pregnant lady has to push him away a lot more than she used to. Poor little bear.

It snowed. Before Thanksgiving. It's going to be a loooooooooooong winter. But the kids loved it.

Gwen recently rediscovered the Raggedy Ann that Grandma Kristi made for her a long time ago, and now RA accompanies us everywhere.

We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday by picking up food from Cracker Barrel. Dan heated everything up, and it was actually really good! We all wore sweats and said what we were thankful for. I actually enjoy a more dressy Thanksgiving, but it wasn't in the cards for this year.

What the Jolleys are thankful for:

Me: I'm so grateful for Dan. Whenever I'm pregnant, he takes over everything. He cooks, cleans, works full time, raises the kids, and constantly sees to my every need. He has been especially quick on his feet with the barf bowl this go around, and I haven't missed yet!
Gwen: is grateful for playing with friends. She's my social butterfly and cannot wait to move out of the house.
June: is grateful for a plethora of things. They made a list at school, and we read them together. My favorite was that she's especially grateful for the Venn Diagram.
Harris: is grateful that we haven't left him anyplace and that he seems to get dressed and fed most days. Poor third child.
Dan: is grateful for this ungrateful family he gets to support and that his new job seems to be going well.

We are the most thankful for Jesus Christ, without which, we would be lost. We love the Gospel and are grateful for its presence in our home. It is the calm throughout the storm.

The End.